ADC ZLM phono cartridge

ADC ZLM phono cartridge

ADC ZLM phono cartridge


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- New old stock in original ADC packaging with individual frequency response curve signed by ADC technician, no onwers manual included.

The ADC ZLM cartridge was considered one of the finest cartridges of its time. Considering that this accolade was bestowed during the zenith of cartridge manufacturing, the ZLM must have really been a truly exceptional product - then and more so now. It replaced the venerable XLM as the top of the line model: the main difference being a semi-Shiabata stylus ADC nomenclatured Aliptic. The stylus has a lower radius of 0.2 mil and an upper radius of 1.5 mils with the advantages being better high frequency resolution and tracking coupled with a marked reduction in record wear.

Tbe cartridge is packaged in a silver plastic case which looks like a space ship's nose. Contents include mounting hardware, stylus cleaning brush and a small screwdriver.

ADC ZLM Cartridge Details
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz ± 1.0dB; 20Hz - 26 kHz ± 1.5dB
- Output: 3.5 mV
- Stylus type: Nude Aliptic diamond tip
- Diamond tip dimensions: 0.0002" scanning radius × 0.0015 bearing radius
- Tracking force: 0.5 - 1.25 g ± 0.25 g
- Output balance: 1dB max difference
- Channel separation: 30 dB at 1kHz; 20 dB at 10kHz
- Inductance: 580 mH
- Resistance: 820 ohms
- Load resistance: 47,000 ohms
- Load capacitance: 275 pF
- Cartridge weight: 5.75 grams

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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