Stanton 400.V3 cartridge

Stanton 400.V3 cartridge

Stanton 400.V3 cartridge

Code: STANTON400V3
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The Stanton 400.V3 cartridge is the Stanton 500.V3's younger sibling with attitude. The Stanton 400.V3 is a two-coil spherical cartridge with enough punch to ensure that any vinyl that passes under it, gets a loud dynamic output. With a combination of the ruggedness and value of the Stanton 500.V3, and being the worlds loudest cartridge, the Stanton 400.V3 packs more bang for the buck than any other needle in the world.

Stanton 400.V3 Cartridge Specifications
- Frequency response: 20Hz-15kHz
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 10mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: Within 2dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: 20dB
- Tracking force: 3 - 7 g
- Stylus tip: 0.7 mil spherical
- DC Resistance: 535 ohms
- Inductance: 400 mH
- Weight: 5.5 g
- Tracking ability: 80µ @ 3 g
- Load resistance: 47k ohms
- Load capacitance: 275 pF
- Stylus replacement: Stanton N400

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