Rega Bias 2 phono cartridge

Rega Bias 2 phono cartridge

Rega Bias 2 phono cartridge


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The new Rega Bias 2 cartridge offers outstanding sound quality and value for money. Proprietary designs use new parallel wound coils and pivot pads for improved detail and accuracy. The Rega Bias has a conventional half-inch center distance and two hole mounting to fit all standard tonearms.

Rega entered the cartridge market in the early 1980's. All cartridges are hand made by Rega utilizing custom coil winding techniques and ultra high precision moulded bodies. The Rega cartridge is a one piece moulding made of Pocan, a polymer with hardness greater than industrial aluminium.

Most cartridges diminish high frequency energy by the movements generated in many joints created in conventional manufacturing. Most cartridges have five or six joints between the stylus mounting and the cartridge and headshell. Rega cartridges have none! Most cartridges have to allow for large tolerances when manufacturing automatically with a reasonable gap of 0.7mm between the moving magnet and the pole pieces. This gap on Rega cartridges is only 0.25mm, much lower than other moving magnet cartridge.

Rega Bias 2 Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Output voltage: 6.8-7.2mV
- Stylus type: Elliptical
- Fixing: Standard, two screws
- Coils: High-spec parallel wound
- Color: Red

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