Quicksilver Phono Stage Preamplifier

Quicksilver Phono Stage Preamplifier

Quicksilver Phono Stage Preamplifier


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The new Quicksilver Phono Preamp offers high gain, low distortion, low output impedance and both active and passive RIAA equalization. Input impedance and capacitance are internally switchable and the power supply includes 2 chokes and five stages of filtering. The circuit is all tube, no transistors. Gain is 47db at 1 KHz; 67 db when used with the Quicksilver Moving Coil Step-up Transformer.

Quicksilver believes that simplicity is the best approach to accurate sound reproduction. This has added signficance in phono preamplification because the mission of a phono preamp is herculean. It must accurately capture minuscule output voltage signals generated by a phono cartridge, processs them via its RIAA network and magnify them many thousands of times so that the line stage can amplify the signals accordingly. There should be no signal loss or variance while all of these are occurring within the phono preamp; otherwise, there will be missing or inaccurate musical detail. The resulting output should be extremely faithful to the record grooves.

The Quicksilver Phono Preamp allows the sound, body and magic of music to flow through. The phono preamp becomes the music's medium not its master. It plays music as close to the recorded grooves, without parcelling or highlighting parts. Listening with the Quicksilver Phono Preamp frees the mind from wandering into analysis. It allows music to connect and meld. Music listening becomes close and personal, as it should be. With the Quicksilver Phono Preamp, its so easy to enjoy music. This is the Quicksilver experience.

Quicksilver Phono Stage Preamp Specifications
- Bandwidth: Within +/- 0.25 db of RIAA
- Gain: 47dB
- Input impedance: 47k ohms
- Tube complement: 3-12AX7
- Dimensions: 3"h x 9.5"d x 15"w
- Weight: 12 lbs.
- US warranty: 3 years parts and labor, tubes 90 days

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