QUICKSILVER AUDIO has been offering high-value and hand-built made in the USA products since Mike Sanders founded the company in 1981. The Philips 8417 Mono Amplifiers were developed in 1984 to bring great sound to the average consumer. Harry Pearson published a positive review in The Absolute Sound and the audiophile world caught on. The model was manufactured until 1988 when Philips stopped manufacturing the 8417 output tube. Since then virtually all of QUICKSILVER products are considered classic or destined for classic status right out of the box - a testament to the longevity, reliability, and musicality of their products. In a world of quick changing taste and short attention span, QUICKSILVER products are enjoyed and kept for many years, sometimes passed on from one generation to the next, because they remain true and serve and honor the music, conveying the emotion of the experience to the listener. So while music changes, QUICKSILVER products remain essentially the same.