Micro-Acoustics 3002 System II cartridge

Micro-Acoustics 3002 System II cartridge

Micro-Acoustics 3002 System II cartridge

Code: MA3002

Product Info

- Direct-coupled stereo cartridge with Micro-Point Playback Stylus, Micro-Fine Berrylium cantilever, Vari-Balance and carbon-fiber housing

Micro-Acoustics Corporation is an innovative company organized in 1969 to develop and manufacture superior products for professional and home audio fields. The accomplishments of their engineering staff include:
- Developement of the landmark CBS Laboratories Test Record Series, used for test purposes by many manufacturers of high fidelity cartridges, as well as numerous independent reviewers.
- Development and manufacture of the Micro-Point Recording Stylus, an ultra-precision cutting tool and criticalc component in the disc mastering process, used virtually by all leading recording companies. More than 300 million long-playing stereo records each year were manufactured from masters cut with Micro-Point styli.
- Products like the 2002e direct coupled electret stereo cartridge that advanced the state of the art by providing master-tape fidelity from records.

Exclusive Features of the System II 3002 Cartridge
Warp-Track. A special new internal stabilizer counteracts record warp, preventing cartridge/tonearm ooscillation. The cartridge's ultra light weight further improves cartridge-tonearm system to track warped and eccentric records without warp or flutter.
24 Cart solid gold connecting wires provides maximum conductivity for optimum performance.
Universal-Match Microcircuit. It automatically matches the cartridge output to any existing cable capacitance and preamp input resistance. By elimnating any electrical matching problem, the 3002 cartridge yields the flattest high frequency response with any associated equipment
Indepent Suspension and Indepent Damping allow tracking ability and transient ability to be simultaneously optimized.
Dynamic Feedback Dampers eliminate high frequency distortion that blur sound that create distortion
Miro-Point II Playback stylus. Precision lapped and laser aligned for optimum performance, it fits the record groove with ultimate geometric accuracy, providing significantly lower record wear and stylus wear as well as the lowest IM and FIM distortion.
Beryllium stylus bar. Beryllium is the ideal stylus-bar material. It is 36% lighter than aluminum. By reducing the mass of the moving system, high-frequency transient and tracking ability are significantly improved.
Dual bearings and resolver for optimum tracking ability and precise signal resolution. The resolver separates the complex stylus vibrations into left and right channels. A "perfect" pivot, it is balanced by two elastomeric bearings.
Direct coupling of stylus bar to electret. Coupling the stylus bar to the electrets at this point directly transmits the undulations of the groove to the transducers. This unique method of lossless coupling provides virtually perfect transient ability.
User-replaceable stylus assembly.
Electret transducer. A permanently polarized dielectric device best desribed as a low-mass electro-static equivalent of a magnet, it provides superior response because of inherent linearity from 5Hz to 50kHz.
Micro-circuit. Passive circuit matches the electret transducer's characteristics to preamplifier phono inputs within 1%. Also makes cartridge output purely resistive, eliminating the effect of cable capacitance on frequency response. Resistive output also shunts preamp input, reducing thermal noise.

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