Grado F3E+ F-3E+ Phono cartridge

Grado F3E+ F-3E+ Phono cartridge

Grado F3E+ F-3E+ Phono cartridge


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- With original F3E+/S Stylus

The Grado F3+ Phono Pickup was the third top model during that special golden time when cartridges, LPs and turntables reigned supreme. It has the highly regarded Special Grado Stylus. This along with the F1+ design reproduces music with excellence portraying a three dimensional sound stage, alluring detail and clarity.

Grado F-3+ Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Mounting: ½ centers
- Type: Moving Iron
- Output voltage: 3mV @ 3.54 CMV (45 degrees)
- Frequency response: 10-55,000 Hz
- Channel separation: Average 25dB, 10-30,000 Hz
- Input load: 10,000 Ohms or more
- Inductance: 55 mH
- DC resistance: 700 Ohms
- Stylus type: .7 x .3 mil Elliptical Stylus
- Stylus replacement: F3+/S, Black Plate, Black Plate
- Tracking force: 1.5 g
- Recommended tracking force: 1.5 g
- Weight: 4.5 g
- Accessories: Stylus protector × 1, Cartridge mounting screw × 4, Nut × 2, Special tool for replacing stylus × 1

Note: Specifications provided from supplied Grado F3+ cartridge manual.

The equivalent of the F3E+ cartridge in today's lineage is the Grado Blue3 cartridge. To order, See Related Products below.

Stylus Replacements
- Standard stylus: Grado Blue Stylus
- Improved stylus: Grado Red Stylus
- Upgrade stylus: Grado 8MZ Stylus

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