Denon DP-A100 Anniversary Edition turntable - View Details

Denon DP-A100 Anniversary Edition turntable - View Details

Denon DP-A100 Anniversary Edition turntable - View Details

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To commemorate Denon's 100 years of audio excellence, their engineers have produced some of the most spectacular audio designs in the company's history. Denon's first gramophone was literally built 100 years ago and with reverence and respect Denon's engineers have produced these new, definitive, audio components of exceptional excellence destined to become desirable classics.

The Denon direct drive motor, first introduced in 1970 and perfected over 40 years, ensures quick start-up and accurate rotational speed, so you can enjoying superior sound quality right away. A quartz lock servo keeps the precise rotational speed of your turntable. The tone arm's aluminum die-cast base can be adjusted to a height in the range of 6mm, allowing you to have it in the exact position you need it in. The DP-A100's customized tonearm is mounted on a large aluminum die-cast base and can be adjusted to a height in the range of 6mm, allowing exact position adjustment for optimal LP playback. The tonearm also comes with a machined aluminum head shell which further reduces unwanted vibration. Custom wiring of exceptional electrical conductivity is used inside the arm from cartridge pins to the RCA plugs.

The Signatures of Authentic Excellence
The DP-A100 turntable features the 100th anniversary logo badge, and comes with a 5-year warranty and a signed certificate of authenticity from the chief production engineer who hand built this turntable. Also included is the Special 100th Anniversary DL-A100 cartridge and a beautiful Denon "brand book" that explores their storied history.

Denon DL-A100 MC Cartridge Included
The cartridge designed for synergy and exceptional performance with the DPA-100 turntable is included. The DLA100 cartridge features the latest tuning of the classic Denon DL-103 and delivers exceptional performance, accuracy and musicality by using the latest tuning technologies.

Denon DP-A100 Features
- Natural wood cabinet with a deep, dark-brown finish. The DP-A100's beautiful cabinet is made with a natural wood veneer and given a multi-coat lacquer finish to produce a deep glossy and long-lasting luster.

- A new large 331mm aluminum die cast platter built for the DP-A100 that delivers more stable speed control. Vibration and resonance are isolated through the use of a Silicone material applied to the entire underside of the platter.

- A specially-tuned Quartz lock servo and direct drive system are employed in the DL-A100 resulting in the most accurate speed stability possible.

- Highly sensitive universal tone arm for exceptionally tracking and tracing of record grooves. Large insulating feet on the DP-A100 achieve ideal damping characteristics to protect the table further from external vibration.

Denon DP-A100 Anniversary Edition Turntable Specifications
- Drive system: Quartz lock servo control direct drive system
- Tonearm: 244mm (9.6") static balance type, light-weight S-shaped tonearm
- Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 (< 0.002% speed deviation)
- Platter: 331mm aluminum diecast
- Rotation stability time: < 0.3 sec to reach normal, stable speed
- Wow and flutter: < 0.1%
- Power consumption: 10W
- Power supply: AC 120V/60Hz
- Dimensions: 19.3" W x 8.4" H x 15.7" D (w/ dustcover closed) / 19.3" W x 20.3" H x 15.7" D (w/ dustcover open)
- Weight: 33.7 lbs.
- Shipping weight: 45.2 lbs.
- Cartridge included: Denon DLA 100 cartridge
- Output: 0.3mV / 100 ohms min. impedance
- Channel balance: 1dB max (1kHz) / Channel separation: 25 dB min. (1kHz)
- DLA100 stylus: 16.5 micron round tip
- Frequency range: 20Hz - 45kHz
- Accessories included: Headshell, counter weight, hinges, RCA cable, EP adapter, AC cable, signed certificate of authenticity, Denon brand book.


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