Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player - View Details

Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player - View Details

Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player - View Details

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The Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player is another one of Denon's premier products offering listeners an excellent sound experience with the use of standard CDs and high-resolution Super Audio CDs. The signature features of this limited edition player include an advanced disc drive, power supply complete with an upgraded power transformer and block condenser; a cast iron footing for better stabilization and higher sound quality, and the 100th anniversary signature badge.

The Denon DCD-A100 features unique Advanced AL32 Processing which consists of a master clock and the latest 32Bit/192 kHz DA converters. It boosts the magnitude of digital audio information so that the sound is natural and more authentic to the original source.

With an advanced suppress vibration hybrid disc drive mechanism, the Denon DCD-A100 has the ability to offer accurate and high-quality playback of SACDs and CDs. It is fully equipped with digital input ports, including a USB port for connecting an iPod or USB memory and playing music files. This gives the music you listen to a more dynamic and powerful ambiance. The Denon DCD-A100 CD/SACD player comes with a remote control which is also used to operate the Denon PMA-A100.

The Denon DCD-A100 is exclusively hand tested and tuned by Denon engineers. It comes with a 5-year warranty and a signed certificate of authenticity. In addition, the Denon DCD-A100 comes with a Denon "brand book" which features the history of Denon, a leader in audio-visual arts.

Denon has been offering high-quality products for more than a century. Don't miss out on all the excellent qualities that the Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player has to offer!

Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player Specifications
- Random play: Single disc
- Digital-to-analog converters: 32Bit/192 kHz
- CD dynamic range: 100dB
- CD frequency response: 2-20kHz
- SACD frequency response: 2-50kHz
- SACD dynamic range: 114dB
- SACD THD: 0.0008 %
- SACD playback: 2-channel
- Signal-to-noise ratio: 119 dB
- Audio inputs: Coaxial digital and optical digital
- Audio outputs: Stereo RCA, coaxial digital, and optical digital
- Dimensions: 17.1"w x 5.4"h x 14.1"d
- Weight: 32 lbs.
- Warranty: 5 years
- Accessories included: USB port, detachable power cord, stereo RCA patch cord, remote control

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