Denon DBP-A100 Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Universal Disc Player

Denon DBP-A100 Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Universal Disc Player

Denon DBP-A100 Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Universal Disc Player

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The DBP-A100 lets you enjoy not only Blu-ray discs and DVDs but also Super Audio CDs, DVD-Audio discs and CDs - all in the full splendor of high-quality sound and video. This level of quality is made possible with Denon's vibration-resistant technologies including Direct Mechanical Construction and Multi-layer Chassis Structure.

The player's superior audio and video circuit performance is the result of Denon's advanced suppress vibration hybrid (ASVH) disc drive mechanism that reads signals from the disc with impeccable precision. The audio circuitry features Advanced AL24 processors for all channels to achieve superior sound quality, while the video circuitry incorporates a high-bit-rate video processor for realistic video images.

Since the DBP-A100 is also equipped with DENON LINK 4th to thoroughly minimize jitter during HDMI transmission, you are given the best possible performance in sound when combined with the AVR-A100. The DBP-A100 features an anniversary edition coupling condenser and cast iron footing for sound stabilization.

The DBP-A100 comes equipped with a Denon Link jack, a one-cable jitter-less multichannel audio connection. It provides the best possible sound quality from Blu-ray, SACD, and DVD-Audio discs. The player also comes with an Ethernet port to connect to your home network. Explore BD-Live and BonusView features on Blu-ray movies and download the features on a 1GB SD memory card. (Not included).

The Denon DBP-A100 comes with a 5-year warranty and a signed certificate of authenticity. In addition, the Denon DCD-A100 comes with a Denon "brand book" which features the history of Denon, a leader in audio-visual arts.

Denon DBP-A100 Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Universal Disc Player Specifications
- Selectable DVD video upconversion: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
- Video outputs: Composite video, component video, S-video, HDMI
- Audio outputs: Stereo, multichannel, coaxial digital, optical digital
- Built-in audio decoding: Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, and DTS-HD Master Audio
- BD-Live functionality: Ethernet port
- Third party controllers: RS-232C port
- IR input and output: Remote repeater systems
- Analog audio outputs: Stereo + 7.1ch
- SACD playback: Multi-channel
- Dimensions: 17.1w x 5.4"h x 16.8d inches
- Warranty: 5 years
- Accessories included: remote control, AC power cord, composite video cable, stereo RCA audio cable, Denon Link cable

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