Audio-Technica AT52E cartridge

Audio-Technica AT52E cartridge

Audio-Technica AT52E cartridge

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Discontinued, no longer available. Contact us for alternative.
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The Audio-Technica Ultra-miniature AT-52E is the result of extensive and several year's research directed to achieve a lofty goal - to simplify the phono cartridge so that it acoustic-melds with both the tonearm and record. The AT52E features an integral headshell for mounting in virtually all bayonet type, standard half-inch mount tonearms. This integral design enabled Audio-Technica engineers to fully integrate the normally separate components of the headshell, cartridge and stylus into a singularly organic unit and encapsulate it to minimize overall structural resonance and thus deliver full-frequency crystal clear and detailed sound quality.

Considered technologically advanced at the time of its manufacture, the AT-52E endures today with its sterling musicality, technical performance and classic, streamlined profile that has become standard today.

Do not order this integral cartridge if its 6 gram weight is less than the minimum usable weight specified for your turntable. Please consult your turntable's manual and specifications - look for "Usable Cartridge and Headshell Weight" or something similar.

Audio-Technica AT-52E Integral Cartridge and Headshell Details
- Tonearm mount: 1/2 inch
- Type: Moving Magnet
- Recommended load impedance: 47K Ω
- Playback frequency range: 20 ~ 23,000 Hz
- Output Voltage: 3.1mV (1kHz, 5 cm/sec.)
- Channel Separation (dB at 1Khz/10Khz): 27/19
- Channel Balance: 2.0 dB
- Tracking Force: 1.2 ~ 1.8 g (1.5 g standard)
- Stylus: Bonded 0.4 × 0.7 mil Elliptical diamond
- Cantilever: Thin wall alloy tube
- Vertical Tracking Angle: 20°
- Load Capacitance: 100 ~ 200 pF
- Stylus replacement: Audio-Technica ATN52E
- Total Weight: 6.0 grams

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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