Audio-Technica AT-ART7 cartridge

Audio-Technica AT-ART7 cartridge

Non magnetic core MC type developed based on commemorative model AT50ANV
More nuanced than its AT-ART9 sibling.
Liquid crystal polymer armature
Newly designed magnetic circuit that maximises magnetic energy
Special line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever
Machined aluminium base
Hybrid body that reduces unnecessary parasitic resonance


Audio-Technica AT-ART7 cartridge

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-Non-magnetic core MC type cartridge based on commemorative model AT50ANV. More nuanced version of the famous AT-ART9.
This product keeps the basic design of non-magnetic core MC type cartridge AT50ANV and changes the coil winding frame from a pure titanium armature to a newly developed liquid crystal polymer armature by an injection moulding. This product also succeeds in reducing the weight of the vibration system compared to AT50ANV and provides the extremely natural and clear sound quality with the ability to express three-dimensional sound fields inherent to non-magnetic core types. In addition, this product enables an output voltage of 0.12mV, a relatively high output level for a non-magnetic core system.

-Liquid crystal polymer armature
Liquid crystal polymer used for the coil winding frame not only has an extreme mechanical strength but also a unique property which increases the mechanical strength as the product becomes thinner. Therefore it is a most suitable material for the vibration system of cartridges. This has high intensity and vibration absorption properties, enabling high-quality sound by suppressing unwanted vibration from power generation.

-Newly designed magnetic circuit that maximises magnetic energy
The magnetic circuit of this product uses a large-sized neodymium magnet with approximately twice the volume of conventional Audio-Technica ferrite core MC types. (Maximum energy product BHmax: 50 [kJ/m3]) The permendur magnetic circuit parts located around the magnet have also been newly designed to maximise the strength of the intensive magnetic field in the coil gap. This magnetic circuit increases the output voltage, and also enhances playback capability in the medium-to-low-frequency range that is said to be a weak point of conventional non-magnetic core MC types. This provides a very accurate frequency response.

-Special line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever with a 0.26 mm diameter
The stylus tip is a special line contact type with a 40µm x 7µm curvature radius (used in the AT50ANV) and a solid boron cantilever with a 0.26 mm diameter. This allows accurate transfer of music signals read by the stylus tip to the power generating moving coils.

-Machined aluminium base
The base that supports the magnetic circuit and vibration system is made of machined aluminium material. This enables it to serve as a solid base to support stable playback capability.

-Hybrid body that reduces unnecessary parasitic resonance
The housing is made of machined aluminium materials and the cover is made of hard plastic materials. This disperses parasitic resonance and results in clear sound quality.

Audio-Technica AT-ART7 Specifications
- Frequency Response: 15-50,000 Hz
- Channel Separation: 30 (dB at 1 kHz)
- Vertical Tracking Angle: 23°
- Vertical Tracking Force: 1.6-2.0 g (1.8 g standard)
- Stylus Construction: Nude square shank
- Recommended Load Impedance: Min. 100 ohms
- Coil Impedance: 12 ohms (1 kHz)
- DC Resistance: 12 ohms
- Coil Inductance: 8 µH (1 kHz)
- Output Voltage: 0.12 mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.)
- Output Channel Balance: 0.5 dB (1 kHz)
- Stylus Shape: Special line contact
- Cantilever 0.26 mm diameter solid boron
- Static Compliance: 35 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Dynamic Compliance: 10 x 10-6 cm/dyne (100 Hz)
- Mounting: Half-inch
- Dimensions: 17.3 mm (0.68") H × 17.0 mm (0.67") W × 25.6 mm (1.01") D
- Accessories Included: Non-magnetic screwdriver; 2 washers; 2 nuts; cartridge installation screws (12 mm × 2, 18 mm × 2); plastic protector; brush; AT6101 PCOCC lead wire set
- Body Material: Aluminium
- Mounting Feature: Half-inch mount
- Stylus Curvature Radius: 1.5 x 0.28 mil
- Terminal Pins: Brass
- Type: Non Magnetic Core Moving Coil
- Weight: 8.5 g (0.30 oz)
- Notes: Low-output Moving coil (MC) cartridges require receivers or preamps with compatible inputs; their stylus assemblies are not user-replaceable.

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