Rega Brio Integrated Amplifier

Rega Brio Integrated Amplifier

Rega Brio Integrated Amplifier

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With only two knobs and a power button and for only a small amount of cash, the Rega Brio 3 is a no-brainer. It's so simple to use, adroitly musical and ambidextrous and comes complete with perhaps the best MM phono preamp in its class. That's why the Rega Brio 3 is a can't go wrong (CGW) product. That's why the Rega Brio 3 amp has received very special awards, such as Stereophile Recommended Component and Positive Feedback Online Writer's Choice Award.

Rather than having unnecessary gadgets and frills usually found on products in this price range, the Brio 3 utilizes the highest quality components to achieve the best possible sound quality.

The 49wpc output amplifier is built around a pair of Sanken 150w Darlington output transistors and an electronic circuit that protects against shorted speakers and reactive loads of 1.7 ohms or less. The power supply uses a new generously rated toroidal transformer and 10,000µF smoothing capacitors that provide enough current to drive the hardest of loads.

- 49w RMS per channel in 8 ohms, 64 wpc @ 8 ohms
- 5 inputs: phono, CD, tuner, Line 1 and tape
- Rega custom built extruded aluminium cast
- Rega Planar IC phono input
- Toroidal mains transformer
- Sanken 150w output transistors
- Dimensions: 3.5"h x 17"w x 12"d

"Rarely is a purist design so easy to enjoy." - Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback

"The Rega Brio 3 offers excellent build quality and exceptional value for the money. I know of nothing better anywhere new the price." - Sam Tellig, Stereophile, Vol.30 No.3

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