Rega belt

REGA has been making belt drive turntables for over 30 years - from the now famous "Planet" and "Planar" which have earned their place in the highest echelons of Hi-Fi folklore. Reproducing the extraordinary quantity of musical detail and emotion available in the grooves of a vinyl record is extremely difficult. REGA succeeds thanks to sound engineering principles and an almost obsessive attention to detail to ensure that no musical detail is lost through unwanted play or resonances. LP Gear is similarly committed to providing the best belt for your turntable. Our upgrade belts provide improved torque, speed stability, tranquil operation and long playing life.

To ensure that you always have a working belt for your turntable, we recommend that you order two and keep the other as backup. You'll be happy you did many years from now!.

Enumerated below are belts for specific turntables. If your turntable or model is not listed, see our Free Belt Matching offer below.