GutWire B-16 B 16 B16 Power Cord - Stereophile Recommended

GutWire B-16 B 16 B16 Power Cord - Stereophile Recommended

GutWire B-16 B 16 B16 Power Cord - Stereophile Recommended


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John Marks of Stereophile recommends the GutWire B-16 power cord:
GutWire Audio Cables is based in Canada, and distributes its products in the US via May Audio Marketing. When I was in Montréal for the 2008 Festival Son & Image, May Audio supremo Nizar Akhrass asked me to take home and try GutWire's B-16 power cord—which, I assume, has nothing at all to do with Pope Benedict XVI.

I mislaid whatever it was that told me what the thing cost, and that was good. The fact that I thought the B-16 B16 cost a lot more than $99 but still had decided to recommend it indicates that it's a great value for that price. And it's well made, with Schurter and Leviton connectors on multistranded, oxygen-free copper wire.

I didn't expect much when I swapped the B-16 for the IEC cord that came with the Arcam Solo Music CD receiver, but things immediately clicked more into audible focus, just like that moment in an eye exam when the optometrist finally swaps in the correct lens. I have used the B-16 as the default power cord for all the CD receivers encountered in this quest.

Advanced Technology of Gutwire B-16 Power Cable
Gutwire power cable conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free copper. Noise floor and background noise are to be reduced to a minimum by utilizing multiple shielding. The lower the noise floor, the clearer you can get to the essence of music. Multiple shielding is used to reject most of the EMI and RFI. Together with our discrete shield grounding system, our power cable lets audiophiles choose the grounding method of the outer shield - floating or grounded. The shield grounding connects the outer shielding to the equipment chassis through the alligator clip (which is also made of copper). During our extensive listening tests, we concluded that different systems (different components in the system!) behave distinctively when the outer shielding is being floated or grounded. Experience yourself the significance of using shield grounding in your system.

Gutwire B-16 AC Power Cable Specifications
- Cable Diameter: .3125"
- Conductors: Multi-strand high purity oxygen free copper
- Conductor Gauge: 16 AWG
- Insulation: Low dielectric polyethylene
- Discrete Conductors: 93
- Shield coverage: 85% copper braided shielding
- Shielding type: TC  shielding with Mylar wrap
- IEC Connector: Schurter 4300.0603
- AC Connector: Leviton
- Length: 5 feet

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