Audio-Technica Contact Tune-Up Kit AT6223

Audio-Technica Contact Tune-Up Kit AT6223

Audio-Technica Contact Tune-Up Kit AT6223

Code: AT6223

Product Info

- A swab makes a difference in sound quality and picture quality.

The AT6223 employs point of contact nano-carbon synthesis oil designed to improve electrical conductivity and long-term electrical reliability of plugs and connectors. Just swab and coat the plug or connector with supplied contact oil to improve picture quality and sound quality.

Audio-Technica AT6223 Product Features
- Simple to use - just swab and plug
- Reduces contact resistance, and improve the sound quality and picture quality of AV equipment.
- Prevents oxidation of the surface plug by antioxidant effect of special oil.
- Reduces the wear of the insert or remove the plug by the lubricating effect, protecting the metal surface.
- Ensures the long-term conductivity in one coating

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