Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor Alignment Tool

Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor Alignment Tool

Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor Alignment Tool


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A truly outstanding design now made even better, Dr. Chris Feickert's next generation protractor system aligns your cartridge with ultimate accuracy for tonearms with an effective length from 8.6 - 17.7 inches. The calculation of parameters were carefully carried out according to Lofgren and Baerwald equations and Stevenson (for Rega alignment). This provides even further choices to reduce the distortion that can be caused by a less-than-ideal tangential position of your cartridge while tracking the grooves of your records. This is the best solution for accurately aligning your cartridge with a wider variety of tonearms. It is accurate, compact, more versatile and even easier to use.

"Enthusiasts with even moderately priced analog setups will find this protractor to be indispensable…No more guessing over crude paper or plastic overhang markers or mirrored devices; this thing works like a charm." – The Absolute Sound's 9 "Must-Have" Analog Accessories by Wayne Garcia for The Absolute Sound, June/July 2007

"Okay, let's get this said early; I consider this a must-own tool for anyone who cares about proper tonearm setup and cartridge geometry. This beautifully manufactured precision device, the work of Dr. Chris Feickert, incorporates both Baerwald and Lofgren geometries, the two principle approaches to cartridge alignment – one on each side. It's also a universal device, handling arms of 200 to 440mm effective length! It's easy to use and as far as I'm concerned, simply the best. It is an essential tool for your vinyl toolbox and with proper care, will last a lifetime. Highly recommended." – Richard S. Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 48

"Feickert's kit is impressive, especially if you want something more than a cardboard or plastic template. Most impressive is the metal jig for measuring the pivot-to-spindle distances – nicely made, if industrial…It looks more complicated than it is; a thorough reading of the instructions will have you setting up cartridges in minutes…trust me: it will provide peace of mind for even the most truly neurotic of vinyl users." – Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, August 2006, www.hifinews.co.uk



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