Michael Fremer's Turntable Set-up Guide (DVD)

Michael Fremer's Turntable Set-up Guide (DVD)

Michael Fremer's Turntable Set-up Guide (DVD)


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Please note: A turntable with a Linear tonearm, P-mount T4P, and tonearm with integrated cartridge may need few or no set-up adjustments. Breaking the plastic seal constitutes final sale and the item becomes non-returnable. These disclosures are provided for your consideration before making a purchase decision.

A car, from the humble Hyundai to the Formula One racer, needs to be properly tuned to deliver optimal performance. So does a turntable. A turntable must be properly set-up in order to deliver its best sound quality. There is no way around it. And since the turntable system is the initial source of the audio signal, its performance will be amplified all along the audio chain. This DVD is therefore essential for all turntable owners — music listeners, audiophiles, DJs, and those converting LPs to Digital who desire the highest fidelity and the original signal from the record grooves.

Michael Fremer is a senior contributing editor at Stereophile Magazine and publishes the online Music Angle. He is the No. 1 vinyl authority in the audio world and had been asked by readers for many years to develop a video guide for setting up a quality turntable and tonearm. The guide, with a running time of 3 hours 9:39 minutes, is both exhaustive and succinct.

With this DVD, you will learn simple and effective steps on how to:
- Set-up a cartridge
- Balance a tonearm and apply the correct stylus force just by using the counterweight of your tonearm
- Set the correct overhang
- Set the correct zenith angle
- Set the correct vertical tracking angle
- Set the correct azimuth

Reviews & Feedback

“Before I watched your DVD I have to admit I was hopeless at setting up my turntable, needing to call my dealer to the rescue when something went amiss. After watching you explain and demonstrate the possible adjustments I was somewhat at a loss, but after getting out my toolkit and following the process step by step it seemed as if I was a seasoned professional. I breezed through it and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I feel I can finally and confidently say that I’ve begun to master the setup of my favorite source and I’m sure I’ll get better at it too. Your DVD has been a godsend, thanks for making it !!!”
-Bert Denckens Antwerp - Belgium

"It's awesome"
- Bob Weston (recording engineer, record producer, bass player in Steve Albini's band Shellac)

"Now, about the disc, I love the whole thing..."
- Buyer in Australia

"Your intro to the DVD (that's as far as I've gotten) was so f...king funny....the US vs Brit vs German approach to LP liners had my WIFE laughing and making me pause the disc so she wouldn't miss anything when she was getting ready for bed."
- Joe Harley, record producer, VP product development, AudioQuest

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