Graham Slee Voyager portable headphone amplifier

Graham Slee Voyager portable headphone amplifier

Graham Slee Voyager portable headphone amplifier


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The Voyager headphone amplifier is designed by Graham Slee, a real electronics designer specializing in bi-polar technology. It is hand built and fully specification tested in England using selected high quality components to achieve its excellent resolution and sound quality.

Unlike Hi-Fi amplifiers, the Voyager volume control is designed to be operated fully up for when a weak source signal is used, or if insensitive high impedance headphones are used. Please take care not to damage your hearing when reverting to high output source equipment and low impedance headphones.

The Voyager is purely analogue. It has no digital clocks to veil the sound. You can power this portable headphone amplifier from its 9 volt battery, a USB port, or its own AC adapter mains power supply.

Graham Slee has over 30 years industry experience and has been "behind the scenes" designer in both professional and hi-fi audio, designing and developing a number of preamps and power amplifiers.

Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amplifier Specifications
- Dimensions (cm): L. 12.5l x 6.7w x 2.8h
- Weight: 180 g (700 g with plug top PSU)
- Case color: Black
- Case material: ABS and polyester
- Battery life: 50 hours continuous play, 2-3 weeks average usage
- Output: 12mW rms into 32 ohms, 10mW rms into 600 ohms
- Frequency response: Flat = 5Hz-70kHz (-3dB), contour = +10dB @ 45Hz-20kHz
- Channel balance: 0.5dB*
- Hum & noise: -94dB CCIR Q-pk 20Hz-20kHz, <-100dB "A" curve weighted
- Stereo crosstalk: -52dB
- Distortion (THD+Noise): @ 80Hz 0.03%, @ 1kHz 0.03%, @ 5.6kHz 0.05%, @ 16kHz 0.13%
- Power sources: Battery, 9V (MN1604; 6LR61), USB 5V via "mini-B" (internal analogue voltage conversion to 9VDC), AC/DC mains adapter 12-24V DC, (polarity protection on each)
* = typical

"The GSP Voyager is the best sounding portable headphone amp I've heard to date... ...It's notable for two things; its eerie smoothness across the midband and strong but supple bass. Driven by 'the Hi-Fi World' iPod (classic, running Apple lossless) it produced very nice noises indeed, removing at a stroke the iPod's cold, steely, hardness and limp bass response. In its place is a warm, fulsome and naturally musical sound with nicely detailed treble that's as fluid as it is spacious. In short: it sounds just like a Graham Slee phonostage!" - David Price, Hi-Fi World, April 2008

"I had a chance to listen to a Graham Slee Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier and OMG! this thing sounds amazing. It drove my HD600's (300 Ohms) to much higher volume levels without any distortion and everything sounded so much fuller, if I closed my eyes I could have sworn I was listening to a tube amp!! This is on my shopping list as my next portable amp, simply stunning." - Quoted from a UK Head-Fi meeting.

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