Shure E5c Earphones - View Details

Shure E5c Earphones - View Details

Shure E5c Earphones - View Details


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~ Dual Driver, High Accuracy

The Shure E5c features dual low mass/high energy drivers for the richest possible listening experience. Instead of relying on a single speaker to cover the entire frequency range, the E5c combines dedicated high- and low-frequency drivers to maximize the overall frequency response of the earphone. An in-line electronic crossover optimally blends these outputs, resulting in a full, rich sound unlike any you've previously experienced. The E5c also features memory-fit cable, which can be formed to direct the cable behind your ear for a more secure fit. Once formed, the cable retains that shape, further personalizing the earphone's fit.

Dual low-mass, high energy drivers
Separate high- and low-frequency drivers provide extended frequency response

In-line crossover
Optimally blends the frequencies of the two drivers

Memory-fit cable
Shapes the cable around your ear for a more secure fit; designed to rest behind the ear - out of sight and out of the way

Lightweight design
Lighter than most headphones and ideal for portable listening applications

Fit Kit
Personalize your fit with either the pair of reusable, disposable foam sleeves, or the three pairs (S, M, L,) of reusable flex sleeves

Isolating in-ear design
Natural noise attenuation provided by sleeves permits lower listening volumes in loud environments

Secure in-ear design
Ideal for sports, exercise or any activity where headphones or earbuds may come loose

61-inch | 1.55 m cable
Hi-fidelity copper cable with flexible reinforcements at the crossover, earphone and jack

Cable adjustment tube
Clear plastic tube secures the cables behind your ears, creating a single cable path

Zip case with cable spool
Stylish zippered case provides a safe, tangle-free way to store your earphones

Gold-plated stereo mini-jack
Provides exceptional corrosion resistance, high conductivity and low noise

Shure E5c Highly Accurate Dual Driver Earphones Specifications
- Transducer type: Dual low mass / high energy balanced armatures
- Sensitivity (@ 1kHz): 122 dB SPL/mW
- Impedance (@ 1kHz): 110 ohms
- Cable length: 1.55 m (61 inches)
- Net weight:31 g (1.1 oz)

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