Anti-skate Weight for Music Hall turntables

Anti-skate Weight for Music Hall turntables

Anti-skate Weight for Music Hall turntables


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A cylindrical drum with attached fishing line and loop at the end, this anti skating device is compatible with:

Music Hall MMF-1
Music Hall MMF-1.1
Music Hall MMF-2
Music Hall MMF-2.1
Music Hall MMF 2.2
Music Hall MMF-5
Music Hall MMF-5.1
Music Hall MMF-5SE
Music Hall MMF-5.1SE
Music Hall MMF-7
Music Hall MMF-7.1
Music Hall MMF-9
Music Hall MMF-9.1

How to Adjust Anti-Skating Force
Anti-skating should be adjusted only after the turntable has been properly leveled, the cartridge aligned and the tracking force correctly set. During phono cartridge alignment, the anti-skating force should be set to zero.

1) Set the anti-skating loop on the first notch.

2) Select a stereo LP record of choice, preferably one that you are very familiar with. Place this on the platter and switch the turntable to play.

3) Listen to the LP. When the anti-skating is too low, the left channel will dominate in terms of volume and detail.

4) Increase the anti-skating to the next notch. Listen again. Repeat step. You will reach a point where the right and and left channel will sound equally expressive, the soundstage is wide open and music becomes more dynamic. You will know that you have reached the correct anti-skating force only when you have exceeded it. This will be manifested sonically by a sudden deterioration in sound quality. Then you adjust anti-skating to the previous notch.

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