Goldring GR-1.2 GR 1.2 GR1.2 turntable Improved by LP Gear - View Details

Goldring GR-1.2 GR 1.2 GR1.2 turntable Improved by LP Gear - View Details

Goldring GR-1.2 GR 1.2 GR1.2 turntable Improved by LP Gear - View Details


Discontinued; no longer available.

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- Discontinued and unavailable. For alternative turntables, refer to Related Products below.

A fine specimen of simplicity and function, the Rega Planar-based Goldring GR1.2 turntable is a manual, full size, two speed, belt-drive model that is easy to set up and enjoy. It is an improved version of the award-winning GR1 featuring the same high-quality tonearm and Goldring Elektra cartridge, the GR1.2 offers upgraded aesthetics giving it a more elegantly slim and simple stature.

Overall, the Goldring GR1.2 is a splendid turntable out of the box. Fit, finish and operational feel are excellent. We were however dissatisfied with the GR1.2's musicality. It was brash and constricted. As an importer of styli, we have access to a vast treasure of styli replacements. In the process of selection, we identified a special production stylus much more musically adept than its siblings. We have since then had a special manufacturing run of this splendid stylus and designated this the LP Gear Rx9S stylus. We also replaced the factory supplied thin felt mat with our own LP Gear Z Mat. Lastly, we replaced the factory supplied belt with our new ViViD Black Beauty belt for better grip and torque thus enabling more rotational accuracy and flywheel effect. The turntable began s-i-n-g-i-n-g like a bird uncaged. The LP Gear Rx9S stylus offers natural tone and harmonics, wide open soundstage and sweet music. The LP Gear Z Mat provides superior platter isolation and proper height for the cartridge hence the synergies.

We supply all these FREE at no extra charge. The total cost of these parts excluding R&D labor and time would have been well over $100.00. You replace the factory supplied stylus, belt and platter mat at your leisure.

Goldring GR1.2 Turntable Improved by LP Gear Specifications
-Drive system: Belt drive
-Motor: 12-pole synchronous
-Speeds: 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
-Tonearm type: High-quality derived from the Rega RB250, a close tolerance, double ball-race bearing assembly and a super rigid, one piece, cast alumnium arm tube
-Tonearm platter: Low resonance, high density fiber-bordwith felt mat
-Isolation: 3-point
-Cartridge: Goldring Elektra magnetic
-Dimensions (mm): 450w x120h x 370d (including lid in closed position)
-Color: Dark gray with clear hinged dustcover

"...This turntable is cracking value... Goldring is back in business with a product to challenge the best in this price range..."
- What HiFi? (February 2004)

"...better than DJ decks at twice the price, it is deliciously detailed and open...The Goldring is good enough to put any digital devotee in a spin."
-The Sunday Times (March 2004)

" was amazingly musical. It has real zest and gusto. There's a tiny bit of wobble on pianos, but this is rarely obvious...while the wonderfully direct sound is. It's remarkable for the money..."
- HiFi World (January 2004)

"...(The GR1) should provide a strong challenge to Pro-Jects domination of this fact, it's an investment in your record collections future..."
- Gramophone (March 2004)

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