Shure WHLB White Label DJ Turntable Cartridge

Shure WHLB White Label DJ Turntable Cartridge

Solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs
Tracking force of 1.5-3.0g designed for preserving vinyl records
Lightweight integrated design offers excellent skip resistance
High accuracy allows for optimized blending with digital technology


Shure WHLB White Label DJ Turntable Cartridge

Retail: $180.00

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Made especially for the DJ in the club environment, the Shure Whitelabel cartridge and replacement stylus are truly revolutionary pieces of DJ technology. Whitelabel features sonic characteristics including solid drop bass, flat mids, and accented highs. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact, and improved stylus visibility.

Shure WHLB Whitelabel Features:
- Skip Resistance: high
- Output: high
- Record Wear: very low
- Sound Emphasis: solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs
- Integrates the head shell and cartridge into one piece
- Innovative features for today's DJs and turntables
- The new standard for club DJs
- Cartridges perform more accurately
- Requires less tracking force to stay in the recordgroove
- Less destruction to record groove

Shure WHLB Whitelabel Phonograph Cartridge Specifications
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 6mV RMS
- Typical Tracking Force: 2 grams
- Tracking force: 1.5-3 grams
- Stylus cantilever: Shure type I - low mass, heat-treated aluminum alloy / tubular, 1 mil wall thickness/30 mil diameter
- Stylus tip: Spherical
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
- Replacement stylus: N-WHLB (see Related Products)
- Stylus color: Dark Blue

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