Audience ClairAudient The One V1 speakers

Audience ClairAudient The One V1 speakers

Audience ClairAudient The One V1 speakers


Discontinued, replaced by latest version. See Related Products.
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- "Ranks as the best dedicated desktop speakers..."

Desktop time has taken over most of our waking hours. It’s where we multi-task and combine work with pleasure. More music is being played at the desktop and home offices than in dens and listening rooms. This change in habit has led to more interest in high fidelity sound quality for smaller spaces.

At only 7”H x 7”D x 5.5”W, The ONE fits the space and conveys music with clarity and harmonic integrity far, far beyond its dimensions. They project a large sound field in common with large 2-ways or small floorstanding towers. Clarity and freedom from distortion are outstanding from the midrange through the extended treble. They frame an excellent center image with a natural size of the performer. The soundstage extends outside and wider than the locations of the speakers themselves.

The ONE’s remarkable high fidelity performance has been the subject of amazement and attested in many reviews.

- Impedance: 8ohms
- Efficiency: 84db
- Max RMS Continuous Output Per Pair: 98db
- Max RMS Continuous Power/Speaker: 25w
- Dimensions: 7” high x 7” deep x 5.5” wide
- Weight: 4 lbs. per speaker

ClairAudient The ONE Reviews

the absolute sound
"The One ranks as the best dedicated desktop speaker I’ve heard. If you’re looking for an exceptional small-footprint monitor, The One is simply a must-audition."
Steven Stone - October '13
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“Audience’s ClairAudient ONE is an extraordinary speaker with superb resolution of detail, excellent dynamic contrasts, and subtle articulation of transients. It’s capable of providing satisfying, involving uncolored long-term listening over a broad range of music”.
Bob Reina - September '13
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HP Soundings
“It doesn’t pretend, as most speakers in its size and price range almost always do. It doesn’t lie. It tells the truth and will get you far closer to a sense of the real thing than any of its competing competitors can or will do.” Harry Pearson - April '13
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Stereo Mecmuasi
“It’s not a classical desktop speaker, it’s more a high end product. The performance you get is eye popping. It’s a boutique product but a very special ONE.”
Hakan Cezayirli, Editor - June '13
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10 Audio
"This impression of clarity, octave to octave consistency and harmonic coherence, and freedom from distortion is apparent from day 1 to day 101 and beyond"
Jerry Seigel - June '13
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“In fact, I think the speaker’s overall detail and tonal accuracy is so good that it could be used as a recording monitor”.
Robert Archer - Aug '13
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Hi-Fi Choice
“The ONE produces remarkable quality that belies its tiny size.”
Neville Roberts - September '13
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