Audience speakers

Audience is a highly respected American electronics company galvanized by its mission is to build the finest high performance audio components. Its genesis is traced to a chance meeting in Southern California during 1972 between John McDonald, a local businessman and music lover and the late Richard Smith, a forward-thinking designer and audiophile. Both discovered a shared passion for music and the art of reproducing recorded music. That shared love of live and recorded music led to the founding of two companies: Sidereal Akustic Audio Systems, Inc. (1979-85) and Audience in 1997 with a third member, design engineer Roger Sheker.

The number one compromise in most speakers is the ubiquitous crossover. To build a crossover-less speaker, single full range drivers were the key; no tweeters, midrange or woofers. However, after nine years of painstaking effort using used the best available off-the-shelf full range drivers, it was concluded that the mission was not achievable - the laws of physics were simply being pushed beyond what seemed possible. During the final year of this long process, Roger Sheker had been quietly designing what we had been seeking for so long - a breakthrough in loudspeaker driver technology. After testing the new concept it was evident that the new Audience "A3" driver design exceeded expectations. Audience was back on track.

In late 2009 Audience debuted the amazing ClairAudient 16 loudspeaker. It was unlike anything else ever seen or heard. The elusive goal had been reached. Not surprisingly, every model in the ClairAudient loudspeaker series conveys that same extraordinary magic that is the essence of music.

It has taken more than 14 years for the Audience team to bring their dream product to market. Now, the ClairAudient Loudspeaker Systems are recognized as the most accurate and musically satisfying loudspeakers available. This dedication, imagination and passion for excellence is the cornerstone for all Audience products.