Audio-Technica AT6017 Record Cleaner from Japan

Audio-Technica AT6017 Record Cleaner from Japan

Audio-Technica AT6017 Record Cleaner from Japan

Code: AT6017

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The AT6017 is a compact, well-designed and thoroughly engineered cleaning system for your LPs. It is peerless when compared to similar packages. The velvet material is directional for excellent cleaning. It has a wide body for quick and easy cleaning. The cleaning solution also reduces static electricity. There is a moisturizing structure and a color indicator for wetness. The body and case are designed to prevent drying. A brush is also included to clean the velvet material. As we said, nothing else compares.

Audio-Technica AT6017 Record Cleaner Features
Direction of velvet designed for excellent cleaning results
Wide body for easy cleaning of LP record
Cleaning solution reduces static electricity
Velvet face is kept moderately moist through SPF (semi permeable membrane)* and a special sponge multilayer structure
Color indicator for wetness
Cleaner body and case moisturizing structure to prevent drying.
* This is a porous material that allows moisture only to permeate without passing through water droplets.

Contents: Body × 1, case ×x 1, brush × 1, cleaning solution (60ml) × 1

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