ADC Integra XLM-I XLM I XLMI cartridge mounted on headshell

ADC Integra XLM-I XLM I XLMI cartridge mounted on headshell

ADC Integra XLM-I XLM I XLMI cartridge mounted on headshell


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- New old stock package complete with owners manual and tracking angle gauge.

The ADC Integra XLM I phono cartridge is an integrated unit composed of a half-inch mount carbon fiber headshell and the ADC XLM II phono cartridge. It is designed to plug into most half-inch mount tonearms. Unlike any cartridge before it, the ADC Integra XLM II eliminates audible tracking angle distortion - not just on one point but throughout the record's play. This is an amazing achievement for yourturntable. Thanks to the Integra unique tracking angle and adjustments, you get unheard of accuracy. Every nuance, every detail will be faithful to the original.

Vertical Tracking Angle
Nearly all records are cut with a tracking angle of 20° (20 degrees). That is the way they were made. That's the way they are meant to be played. But with varying tonearm heights getting the exact vertical tracking angle isn't easy. Except with the ADC Integra XLM II. It's tracking angle is adjustable enough to compensate for any straight tonearm height.

Offset Angle
As the tonearm sweeps across the record, the angle that it makes to the groove constantly changes. An error as little as 2° (2 degrees) can more than double cartridge distortion! With the ADC Integra XLM II adjusted exactly right at 2 groove radii on the music area of your record, the error can be less that 1° (1 degree) at any point.

Overhang Dimension
In combination with the Offset Angle adjustment, the ADC Integra XLM II offers this second refinement to minimize offset angle error.

Carbon Fiber Construction
Thanks to carbon fiber, the ADC Integra XLM II offers up to 50% less mass than conventional headshell/cartridge combinations so that it tracks the grooves better and preserves your record collection longer. Also due to its rigidity, it virtually eliminates low frequency signal loss, resonance and flexing. Carbon fiber also provides an increase of shielding from external electrical fields of all kinds thereby reducing extraneous noises you may hear.

Patented Induced Magnet Design
Unlike most moving magnet and moving coil designs found in other cartridges, ADC's Induced Magnet design has only one moving element that instantaneously reacts to the most complicated record passages without restriction.

Omni-Pivot System
It's a major advance. There are no restrictive armature governors, wires or adhesives. Instead each armature is micro-machined to within 1/4 the thickness of human hair to perfectly lock into ADC's high definition suspension block. The Omni-Pivot System provides optimum location of the armature at all times under all playing conditions. The result is greater musical definition and stereo separation.

ADC Integra XLM I Cartridge Specifications
- Output voltage @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec.6.0mV
- Output balance: 2dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: 24dB
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-2dB
- Stylus type: 0.03 x 0.07 mil Bushed Elliptical
- Tracking force recommended: 1.5 g +/- 0.3 g (12 mN)
- Resistance: 47k ohms
- Load resistance: 760 Ohms
- Load capacitance: 275pF
- Color: Silver/Black
- Weight: 12 g
- Stylus replacement: RXM-I

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