Acoustech Stylus Force Gauge

Acoustech Stylus Force Gauge

Acoustech Stylus Force Gauge

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Accurate and simple to use - that's the essence of a great stylus force gauge, and that's what you get with this AcousTech model. We all know, or certainly we all should know, that dialing in your correct tracking force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback. If you miss on the heavy side, your sound becomes thick and sluggish. Miss on the light side, and your cartridge is more likely to mistrack and the sound will be light and anemic.

"...Not only is Acoustech's new gauge a relative bargain; it is small, has a backlit display, is incredibly easy to use, measures weights from 0.001 to 5.000 grams at the height of an LP's surface, and is said to be accurate to within .002 grams." - The Absolute Sound's 9 "Must-Have" Analog Accessories by Wayne Garcia for The Absolute Sound (June/July 2007).

Acoustech Stylus Force Gauge Specifications
- Display: Backlit
- Calibration: Auto
- Tare range: Full capacity
- Channel balance: 1.5dB
- Auto off: 60-second off
- Operation temp: 50-86° Fahrenheit
- Power: 2 x AAA batteries
- Accessories: Mini screwdriver and calibration weight

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