Ortofon OM 5E phono cartridge

Ortofon OM 5E phono cartridge

~ The Ortofon OM5E is the standard cartridge that is factory installed on high fidelity turntable brands in Europe.


Ortofon OM 5E phono cartridge

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The Ortofon OM5E phono cartridge is the standard cartridge that is factory installed on well-known turntable brands in Europe. Why? Because it offers very good performance at a very reasonable price. As in other Ortofon OM series cartridges, it portrays music naturally and accurately across the frequency spectrum.

When its time for you to seek more discernment, you can easily upgrade to a higher level of performance by simply replacing the stylus to an Ortofon Stylus 10, 20, 30 or even 40. You can enjoy music now and even further later on when you choose to. Other phono cartridges have planned obsolescence and require you to upgrade to a completely new cartridge for better sound quality. With the Ortofon OM5E, you have a high performance cartridge that can be upgraded to its best fidelity by the simple switch of its stylus. You have a cartridge with highest fidelity and sound quality built into its design.

Ortofon OM5E Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 4mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: 2dB
- Channel separation: 22dB @ 1kHz; 15dB @ 15kHz
- Frequency range: 20Hz-25kHz
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-2dB
- FIM distortion @ recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542: <1%
- Tracking ability @ 315Hz @ recommended tracking force: 65 µm
- Compliance dynamic lateral: 20 µm/mN
- Stylus: .0003 x .0007 inch special elliptical diamond
- Stylus tip mass: 0.5 mg
- Tracking force: 1.5 - 2.0 g (15-20 mN)
- Recommended tracking force: 1.75 g (17.5 mN)
- Tracking angle: 20°
- Internal impedance DC resistance: 750 ohms
- Internal inductance: 450 mH
- Recommended load resistance: 47k ohms
- Recommended load capacitance: 200 - 600 pF
- Color: Black
- Weight: 5 g
- Stylus replacement: Ortofon Stylus 5E

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