Van Den Hul D-501 Silver Hybrid TAC-RCA tonearm cable - 1 meter

Van Den Hul D-501 Silver Hybrid TAC-RCA tonearm cable - 1 meter

Van Den Hul D-501 Silver Hybrid TAC-RCA tonearm cable - 1 meter

Code: VDHD501HS1m

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Sonically the D-501 Silver Hybrid is one of the best cables in Van den Hul's product line. The D-501 Silver Hybrid is a special version of Van den Huls's D-501 Hybrid. The main difference compared to the D-501 Hybrid is that its stranded signal lines are made of highest grade Matched Crystal Silver.

This mat black HULLIFLEX ® jacketed balanced cable was designed to support the tonearm and mixing console industry: very flexible and with extremely good electrical qualities. The D - 501 SILVER HYBRID is a cable with a very high shielding factor.

The D-501 Silver Hybrid is regularly used as a microphone cable in critical professional recordings and as a special product for SME in England together with their prestigious tonearms which on customer request can be fit with this silver version of the D-501 Hybrid.

Van Den Hul D-501 Silver Hybrid Cable Features
- The two signal lines are made each of 19 x 0.1 mm. highest grade Matched Crystal Silver strands.
- The signal line insulation with the colors white and red is made of cell-PE to prevent damage of the silver strands commonly caused by mechanical stripping.
- Very low resistance per signal lead: 11.9 Ohm/100 meter
- Very low capacitance between the 2 signal leads: 58 pF/meter
- The hybrid shielding consists of dense and very pure silver-coated high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC 72 x 0.1 mm. wire helix with underneath a Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated conductive sub-jacket.
- Resistance of the shielding: 3.2 Ohm/100 meter.
- The very flexible black outer jacket is made of migration-free Hulliflex ® to prevent any chemical deterioration over a long period.
- External cable diameter: 4.0 mm.

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