Thorens TD-810 TD 810 TD810 turntable (33/45 RPM)

Thorens TD-810 TD 810 TD810 turntable (33/45 RPM)

Thorens TD-810 TD 810 TD810 turntable (33/45 RPM)

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The Thorens magic is back and better! The new TD810 turntable, part of the 800 series from the rejuvenated Thorens company, looks different from its previous siblings. The new 26-lb table is a solid piece of work. It is smartly designed, well-built and delivers image focus and musical excitement that makes listening to vinyl records so wonderful.

Assembly of the TP810 is simple. It comes mounted with a Rega sourced TP250 tone arm. The arm is contained within a VTA adjuster and locking collect system. You simply place the surface protectors under the three adjustable polymer-damped feet. level the table by adjusting the feet, mount the platter, pull the square belt around the motor pulley, connect the motor cable to the electronic motor controller and plug it in. Aside from installing the cartridge (not included) and adjusting the counterweight, you're done. Dustcover is optional. Enjoy the magic.

-9lb, 1-inch thick aluminum alloy platter
-Special laminated system with better resonance absorption; improvement in the detail of the bass, mid-range frequencies and the musicality of the signal
3/4-inch thick high density wood-fiber base, bonded to a 1/4-inch thick steel plate and laser cut to avoid any magnetic material near the cartridge path
-TP250 tone arm mounted with a VTA (Vertical Tracking Adjustment) for true high-end performance
-Outboard electronically regulated power supply for synthesizing a 60Hz sine wave
-AC-synchronous motor set into a cutout on the plinth
-Electronic speed select (33 and 45rpm)
-Inboard potentiometer allows for precise speed control within +/- 8%
-Available in silver or black finish

Thorens TD810 Turntable Specifications
-Drive system: Precision drive belt
-Motor: Electronically controlled AC synchronous
-Speed: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
-Speed selection: Electronic
-Turntable platter: Non magnetic alloy, 9 lbs.
-Tonearm: TP250
-Anti-skating: Magnetic
-Operation: Manual
-Cable capacitance: 120pf
-Power supply: Electronically regulated
-Dimensions: 16.5"w x 13"d x 4.5"d
-Weight: 26.4lbs

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