Thorens TD-190-2 TD 190-2 TD190-2 turntable in black (33/45/78 RPM)

Thorens TD-190-2 TD 190-2 TD190-2 turntable in black (33/45/78 RPM)

Thorens TD-190-2 TD 190-2 TD190-2 turntable in black (33/45/78 RPM)

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THORENS TD-190-2 TD 190-2 TD190-2 TURNTABLE IN BLACK (33/45/78 RPM)
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The Thorens TD190-2 turntable is the substantial brother of the TD170-1. Its plinth and platter have more mass, which in combination with the electronically controlled DC motor enhances the silent running as well as the sound. It therefore doesn't matter if you prefer the delicate sound of a violin or rather some powerful guitar riffs.

"...the Thorens gets the nod for blacker backgrounds, less surface noise, slightly more realistic and richer musical timbres, better speed stability, and wider extension on the frequency extremes. On Paul Desmond's Summertime {A&M}, the sax on both tables sounded sweet and seductive, but with the Thorens, it sounded airier, with more breath over the reed and more of a sense of ambient space. Also, the plucked strings on the guitar on 'Samba With Some Barbeque' had more body while still preserving the leading edges of transients. On Led Zeppelin II {Classic Records/Atlantic} John Paul Jones' bass is more articulate and richer than with the Music Hall, and Hohn Bonham's cymbals have more shimmer and natural decay ... If you're looking for the convenience of CDs with the musicality of analog, the Thorens is one of the most cost-effective solutions around."
- Jim Hannon; The Absolute Sound, January 2006, Issue 158

Thorens TD190-2 Turntable Specifications
-Operation: Fully automatic
-Drive system: Internal flat drive belt drive
-Motor: Electronically controlled DC motor
-Speed: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM
-Speed selection: Electronic
-Turntable platter: Non magnetic alloy, 12" (304 mm) / 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)
-Tonearm: Thorens TP19-1
-Cartridge: OMB10
-Stylus: Stylus 10
-Anti-skating: By spring (adjustable)
-Automatic shut-off: Mechanically
-Cable capacitance: 160 pf
-Power supply: External mains adapter (115-230V/50-60Hz)
-Dimensions: 17.3"w x 4.7"h x 14.2"d
-Weight: 14.3lbs (6.5kg)
-Finish: Black enamel

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