Goldring GR-2 GR 2 GR2 turntable

Goldring GR-2 GR 2 GR2 turntable

Goldring GR-2 GR 2 GR2 turntable


Discontinued; no longer available.

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The Goldring GR2 turntable delivers a substantial sonic improvement over the GR1.2. First and foremost, the tonearm comes fitted with the ultra high quality Goldring 1012GX moving magnet cartridge which features the acclaimed ‘Gyger II’ profile stylus. This is a Fine Line type which produces exceptionally detailed and smooth treble, coupled with extremely low distortion.

The Goldring GR2 also uses a large (18mm) platter main bearing, which aids sound quality by reducing rumble. The low resonance Kronospan platter contains a heavy metal insert which encircles the platter close to the outer rim. This increases both the platter’s mass and fly-wheel effect, which in turn, improves speed accuracy and gives a more dynamic sound.

Goldring GR2 Turntable Specifications
-Drive system: Belt drive
-Motor: 12-pole synchronous
-Speeds: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
-Tonearm type: High quality derived from Rega, with superior, closer tolerance arm bearings and a more rigid chassis mounting assembly; comes with gold-plated RCA phono plugs
-Platter: 18mm; low resonance, kronospan high density fiber-bord platter with metal flywheel insert
-Cartridge: Fitted with very high performance moving magnet Goldring 1012GX phono cartridge
-Isolation: 3-point
-Color: Dark gray with clear hinged dustcover

"deserves to win many friends" "consistent and revealing performer" "brings vinyl magic" "Value 92%" "A well-built and professionally set up turntable with a top notch arm and good quality cartridge supplied. Good all-round value."
- HiFi Choice Magazine, May 2005; Rated the Goldring GR2 turntable a Best Buy

"Good level of detail; rich, informative vocal delivery; easy-going presentation; price includes cartridge", "overall it's hard to find fault with the Goldring"
- What HiFi, May 2005; Awarded the Goldring GR2 turntable with five-star rating

What do they conclude? "hard to fault in any area," "this has to be the budget turntable of the year."
- HiFi World, April 2005

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