Phoenix Engineering Eagle 25watt Hi-Power PSU Turntable AC Speed Controller 100-240v

Phoenix Engineering Eagle 25watt Hi-Power PSU Turntable AC Speed Controller 100-240v

"Combined with the Roadrunner tach, my VPI turntable is spot on in it's speed. Highly recommend both products."1

"In combination with the RoadRunner this is a great addition to my TT setup. Rock solid speed control, a great buy! A highly recommended product."2

Powers any AC Synchronous motor 25W or less
Speed Adjustment ±1.0 RPM in 0.01 RPM steps
Automatic Voltage Reduction when platter reaches speed
Soft Start ramps speed to prevent belt "Burn Out"
Works with 50Hz or 60Hz pulleys
Calibration modes for Speed and Voltage Output
Controller: 3.5L x 2.5W x 1.2H Amp: 6L x 4W x 2H (inches)


Phoenix Engineering Eagle 25watt Hi-Power PSU Turntable AC Speed Controller 100-240v


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Discontinued. For turntables with AC Synchronous motor 5 watts or less choose Falcon PSU below.
Product Info


Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Eagle Power Supply Unit (PSU) by Phoenix Engineering is a microprocessor controlled digital regenerative AC power source used for accurate speed control of a turntable motor. The PSU uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) to create an extremely accurate and clean sine wave that improves motor speed stability and allows the user to precisely adjust the turntable platter rotational speed.

The PSU is very easy to use and set up. All of the operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and the device always power up with the last used speed and frequency offset displayed. The PSU comes as two pieces: The Controller contains all of the frequency generation, logic, display, user and tachometer interface, and the remote amplifier boosts the signal from the controller to the mains voltage level (jumper selectable output of 115VAC/230VAC). The Eagle PSU works with turntables fitted with a 50Hz or 60Hz pulley (front panel selectable).

The Eagle PSU can be connected directly to the RoadRunner digital turntable tachometer (sold separately) via a 3 wire serial cable in order to synchronize its output with the direct measurement of the platter speed. Operation is completely automatic with no user intervention needed. The tachometer outputs the speed reading once per revolution. The PSU compares this reading to the speed on the display and can make micro-fine adjustments to the output frequency to lock the turntable speed to within ±0.005 RPM. The adjustment is done slowly and evenly over the entire next revolution and is inaudible to the listener (in most cases, the adjustment is <0.0005 RPM per step). The turntable remains on speed independent of the belt tension, bearing oil viscosity, drag from the needle or any other variables that cause the table to drift over time.

Footnote 1: Customer Review, Excellent product, strongly recommended!

Footnote 1: Customer Review, Highly recommend both products.

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