Denon SC-N5 CEOL piccolo Speakers - White

Denon SC-N5 CEOL piccolo Speakers - White

Full-Range 2-Way Stereo Speaker System for superb nuance and tonal complexity
Harmonically exquisite and owerful 3.9" Bass-Mid Woofer
Balanced 0.78" High-Range Dome Tweeters
Compact Design for Bookshelf or Desktop
Gold-Plated Binding Post Terminals
Modern MDF Wooden Cabinet Construction
Frequency Range: 70 Hz - 20 kHz


Denon SC-N5 CEOL piccolo Speakers - White


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The white Denon SC-N5 CEOL Piccolo Speaker Pair is designed to match Denon's DRA-N5 Music System, though they will also work splendidly with other music systems as well. Each 2-way speaker features a powerful 3.9" bass-mid woofer and a balanced 0.78" high-range dome tweeter. The speakers support a frequency range from 70 Hz to 20 kHz and a maximum peak power rating of 120W. The drivers are housed in an MDF wooden cabinet which is designed to fit on your bookshelf or desktop. The speaker cabinet also features a glossy black finish and gold-plated binding post terminals that help minimize signal distortion for more accurate audio reproduction.

● Convenient Speaker Placement & Dynamic Sound Performance
The SC-N5 CEOL Piccolo Speakers combine convenience and dynamic sound performance. This stereo speaker pair features a compact design that will fit comfortably on your bookshelf or desktop. The speakers are also equipped with high-definition drivers that offer precise sound reproduction across a full range of frequencies.

● Crisp Treble Playback with High-Definition Tweeter Each speaker features a 0.78" high-definition tweeter, which is responsible for producing treble frequencies. These tweeters use a balanced dome design that delivers a smoother, richer sound for full-bodied treble that is free of tinny sound.

● 3.9" Woofer for Resonant Bass Response
Each speaker is equipped with a powerful 3.9" woofer that's engineered to deliver rich, dynamic bass performance. The woofers accurately reproduce low frequencies that will fill your room with rich bass, while also avoiding muddiness or loss of clarity.

● Modern MDF Wooden Cabinet with Glossy Finish
Featuring a modern MDF wooden cabinet design and a sleek black finish, these speakers will seamlessly blend into your modern home, office or entertainment center aesthetic. Plus, they can be connected to virtually any device with stereo speaker outputs.

● Gold-Plated Terminals
Each speaker features high-quality, gold-plated binding post terminals that minimize signal distortion for more accurate audio reproduction.

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