Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Class XD Integrated Amp

Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Class XD Integrated Amp

Cambridge Audio proudly admits: "the Azur 851A integrated amplifier the best one they've ever made!

Nothing prepares you for the sound quality of the Azur 851A. Rated at 120 Watts per channel and built with a fastidious attention to detail, it sounds like a solid, muscular amp that controls and grips the speakers and serves up tight powreful and extended bass.... it presents music with astounding finesse, depth and incredible clarity. There is remarkable stereo separation and the overall effect is to give your music collection a revitalized lease of life. This is cutting-edge technology for substantially less than high-end prices.

"The 851A is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a muscular amp that grips the speakers and serves up tight, powerful and extended bass. In the 851C and 851A you’re getting cutting-edge technology for substantially less than high-end prices. Add the best speakers you can afford and this two-channel system will deliver a taste of hi-fi heaven." – European Imaging and Sound Association, Best Two-Channel System Product Award

"An amzing integrated amp that leaves you not wanting more."


Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Class XD Integrated Amp

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Cambridge Audio proudly admits: "the Azur 851A integrated amplifier the best one they've ever made." They've taken all the things you admire about Cambridge Audio products — things like solid build quality, muscular power components for clean sound, and convenient connectivity options — and they've elevated them up to meet their own continuous improvement objectives. Power, finesse, flexibility, and astonishingly low distortion: Cambridge Audio's Azur 851A offers what audiophiles want in a two-channel separate preamp and amplifier and combined both into a single platform - the 851A integrated amplifier. It is astonishingly superb. In fact, we use the 851A to test and review some of the cartridges and styli that we are considering for our line card.

Engineered for excellence
Yes two toroidal transformers, one dedicated purely to the preamp processes, supply the Class XD circuitry with pristine, supercharged power. But let's break this statement down to its nuts and bolts. The toroidal transformers are nearly impervious to hum, buzz, and interference problems experienced by lesser transformer designs. And Cambridge Audio's patented Class XD amplification technology combines the best aspects of two different design approaches: you get the sonic refinements of a Class A amplifier (without the high heat and inefficient power profile), plus the cool-running efficiency of a Class AB amp (with much less of the distortion that sometimes dogs that amp design). So all that clean power can be dedicated to one thing: providing the best quality sound for your speakers.

Music instrument for the modern soul
To cater to different usage profiles, the Azur 851A offers two main types of connectivity: the more commonly found RCA/Phono inputs, plus two pairs of fully balanced XLR connections. For the modern techies, you can even control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the 851 Series remote control when they're docked in Cambridge Audio's matching iD100 digital dock. And that's just the beginning of this award-winning component's options. A second XLR input, customizable display, separate transformer taps for the left and right channels, twin rectifiers and separate PSUs for dual-mono operation of the left and right power amplifiers, and separate toroidal transformer supplies in the preamp—making 851A a pre/power amp combination in one box—make this standout musical instrument capable of answering practically any demand with resounding success.

Cambridge Audio also instilled the Azur 851A with its CAP5 protection technology for trouble-free operation and to prevent clipping and DC overcurrents. The integrated amp will simply turn itself down before any damage occurs. An acoustically damped full-metal chassis with a thick, brushed-aluminum front panel rounds out what is a legitimate audiophile masterwork.

Cambridge Audio Azur 851 A/C Specifications
- Power output: 120W RMS into 8 Ohms; 200W RMS into 4 Ohms
- THD (Unweighted): < 0.001% 1 kHz at 80% of rated power 0.01% 20 Hz - 20 kHz at 80% of rated power
- Audio Inputs: 2 x balanced XLR, 8 x RCA inputs
- Audio Outputs: Preamp output Record output
- Frequency Response:10 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 1 dB S/N Eatio (Ref 1W): > 93 dB (ref 1W/8 Ohm)
- Input Impedance: Inputs 1 and 2 (balanced) 20 kOhm, Inputs 1-7 unbalanced 20 kOhm Rec Input 20 kOhm
- Damping Factor: > 110 at 1 kHz
- Max Power Consumption: 800W
- Min Power Consumption Active (no signal) 70W
- Standby Power Consumption : Standby <0.5W
- Tone Control: Shelving type Max bass boost/cut +/- 10 dB at 10 Hz Max treble boost/cut +/- 7.5 dB at 20 kHz
- Color: Black
- Dimensions (WXHXD): 430 x 115 x 385mm (16.9 x 4.5 x 15.2”)
- Weight: 15.0Kg (33lbs)
- Shipping weight: 18.6 Kg (41lbs>

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