Music Hall Classic Fantastic Special

Music Hall Classic Fantastic Special

Music Hall Classic Fantastic Special


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- with installed and aligned the Vessel A3SE cartridge.

Classic Turntable Design built with Today's Best Technology
A take-off from the classic audiophile turntables from the golden years, the new Classic turntable from Music Hall is built with the best of today’s technology. The Classic is a two-speed, belt-drive turntable that features a built-in phono preamp and phono cartridge, Electronic Speed Control, semi-automatic operation (auto-lift and power off), and an elegant dark walnut wood veneer finish.

Simple Set-up! Nearly ready to go right out of the box
The Classic isn't one of those turntables that takes a long time to piece together and set up like a puzzle before you can start listening to music. On the contrary, it's nearly ready to go right out of the box, needing only a few adjustments to get you off and running. The belt comes pre-mounted to the platter, making installation simple and quick.

Bypassable Built-in Phono Preamp
Most turntables require that you plug them into a dedicated 'Phono' input on your preamp, integrated amp, or receiver. However, the majority of modern preamps, integrated amps, and receivers don't have a dedicated 'Phono' input. So with most other turntables, you need to have your own phono preamplifier to plug your turntable into, and then you plug the preamp into your other gear. The Classic saves you that expense by embedding a built-in phono preamp. This lets you plug it directly into any standard line-level input on your preamp, integrated amp, or receiver. That's all there is to it.

A unique advantage of the Classic over other turntables claiming similar feature is that it completely bypasses the phono preamp. So if you happen to have a high quality dedicated phono preamp that you would like to use, you can and should. Most other turntables with a phono preamp that can be switched off somehow does not. The signal still passes through some of the phono circuit thus degrading signal integrity and sound quality. Not so with the Classic. When bypassed, the signal goes directly to the output plugs. 

Built-in Electronic Speed Control for LPs and 45s
The Classic doesn't just do a great job with your LPs. It plays those golden oldies singles from bygone eras and modern LP 45s and any other vinyl recorded at 45 rpm. A built-in electronic speed control circuit ensures the electronic accuracy for playback just the way the recording was meant to sound. A simple push of a button on the chassis lets you choose either 33-1/3 rpm or 45 rpm.

The Vessel A3SE Cartridge (retail value $129 included - premounted and aligned with precision)
The A3SE cartridge is a world-class performance cartridge with an unbeatable upgrade path. The 2017 Sound Advice Product of the Year, the A3SE is an absolute world-beater with a presentation slightly forward in perspective, with sound that is silky-smooth, rich, clean, precise and detailed, with beautiful tonality from deepest bass to highest treble. It is wonderful with the Classic and works fittingly well with the classic's uni-pivot tonearm with removable headshell for easy cartridge replacement. It exceeds other cartridges even many times its price. When the time comes to replace the stylus or cartridge, you can sinply replace the stylus with its regular or upgrade styli for even better performance!

Semi-automatic turntable with auto-lift and shut-off at the end of the record.
And speaking of the tonearm, the Classic is a semi-automatic turntable featuring auto tonearm lift and shut-off at the end of record playback. This convienient feature also helps to save wear on your record stylus.

Hinged Dust Cover Included
A clean turntable is a happy turntable, so Music Hall goes the extra mile with the Classic. A hinged dust cover keeps your Classic protected from dust, extraneous sound waves, and other airborne debris when not in use.

Additional Features:
Adjustable vibration damping feet and a felt platter matt.


Music Hall Classic Turntable Specifications
Power Supply DC12V,2.0A
Dimensions 435(W) x 367(D) x 157(H) mm
Weight 6.9Kg

Turntable Type: 2-speed semi-automatic
Cartridge Type: Moving magnetic cartridge
Motor: DC motor
Driving Method: Belt drive
Turntable Platter: 305mm dia. Aluminum die-cast
Speeds: 331⅓ and 45RPM

Speed Tolerance 3000Hz: +/-0.3%(CD-4005)
Channel Separation: More than 18 dB at 1KHz (CD-4005)
Channel Balance: Within 2.5 dB at 1KHz (CD-4005)
Phono Output Level: 2.48~4.95 mV at 1KHz 5cm/sec (CD-4005)
Line Output: 156~312 mV at 1KHz 5cm/sec (CD-4005)
RIAA: 20Hz~20KHz: +1/-3 dB
Wow and Flutter TYPICAL: Less than 0.12% WTD at 3KHz RMS(CD-4005)
LIMIT: Less than 0.15% WTD at 3KHz RMS(CD-4005)
S/N Ratio for MM TYPICAL: More than 65dB (DIN-B) (SS-4242)
LIMIT: More than 62dB (DIN-B) (SS-4242)
Noise floor: Power on, Platter stop and cartridge touch vinyl.
Line output: more than 80dB (with 20KHz Low Pass Filter/ "IHF-A" weighted).
Power on: Platter rotate and cartridge not touch vinyl.
Line output: more than 87dB (with 20KHz Low Pass Filter/"IHF-A" weighted).

4. Cartridge: Music Hall Spirit Cartridge (Audio-technica CN-5534)
Output Voltage: 3.5mV +/- 3dB at 1KHz (3.54cm/sec)
Channel Separation: More than 18dB(AT6606A)
Channel Balance: Within 2.5dB at 1KHz(AT6606A)
Frequency Response: 0 +/- 3dB at Measurement point 10KHz/1KHz
Suggested stylus force: 2.0 ±0.5 g

Type: Static balanced straight shaped w/soft-damping control
Effective Arm Length: 221.5mm
Arm Lifter: Oil damper type with Auto Lifter-up function
Time for Lifter Down: 1~3 sec (At 2.0g stylus force)
Height of Needle: 8~12mm (At lifter up)
Overhang: 19mm
Offset angle: 25.61°
Tracking Error Angle: 3 degree or less
Stylus Force adjustment method: Rotation movability
Range of Needle Pressure Adjustment: 0~4g (0.5g/ Scale Work Smoothly)
Range of Anti-skating Adjustment: 0~4g
Bearing (Vertical): Pivot Bearing
Head Shell: Aluminum, Removable
Connector for Head Shell: EIAJ Standard 4p Connector

Source: Music Hall: Music Hall Classic Turntable Owners Manual"

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