Akai BT-500 (BT500) turntable

Akai BT-500 (BT500) turntable

Akai BT-500 (BT500) turntable

Code: AKAIBT500

Product Info

- Belt drive with Wireless Streaming

Introducing the one-of-a-kind Akai BT-500 audiophile belt-drive turntable. With the elevation of higher fidelity expectations, the BT-500 offers the record enthusiast a unit with no-compromise audiophile performance and luxurious, elegant styling.

Along with its excellent turntable performance, the BT-500 offers a unique combination of modern digital technology and convenience features that differentiate it from anything else. The BT-500 is a wireless streaming turntable, so it can send the turntable's signal to any Bluetooth speaker (not included). It has a built-in switchable phono pre-amp so it can be used with a traditional stereo or connected directly to powered speakers. The BT-500 also boasts the ability to convert analogue records into digital files with its included on-board software and USB port for quick connection to any computer.

The turntable's record playing prowess is beyond reproach: it has a quiet belt-drive system with a mechanically-isolated motor that eliminates any residual motor noise and vibration, a heavy die-cast aluminium platter that ensures an exemplary signal-to-noise ratio, a drive system with vanishingly low wow and flutter and a low-mass straight tonearm with precision damped cueing. The unique levelling bubble with adjustable feet ensures a perfectly level installation for optimum sound. A high-quality pre-mounted magnetic cartridge completes the package.

Isolated 2-speed DC motor and belt-drive system ensures silent peration.

Die-cast anti-resonance aluminum platter with heavy non-slip rubber mat.

Bluetooth transmission sends wireless signal to Bluetooth speaker (not included).

Low-mass tonearm with precision-damped cueing.

Unique leveling bubble and adjustable feet keep unit perfectly level.

Converts analog records into digital files.

Dual moving-magnet phono cartridge included.

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