Grado PS-1000e PS 1000e PS1000e Headsphones

Grado PS-1000e PS 1000e PS1000e Headsphones

Grado PS-1000e PS 1000e PS1000e Headsphones

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The Grado PS1000e is the new flagship of their headphone line. This hybrid design has an inner sleeve of a selected species of hand-crafted mahogany made by using an intricate curing process. Its outer housing of metal machined from a special non-resonant, very hard metal alloy utilizes a special processing and casting method to increase the porosity of the alloy. This combination of wood and metal insures that the earphone chamber has no "ringing" which might obscure detail or add coloration. The way the wood and metal housing moves air and reacts to sound vibrations is now virtually unaffected by transient distortions.

Grado has also designed a new cable for the PS1000. The new eight-conductor cable design, utilizing UHPLC (ultra-high purity, long crystal) copper, improves control and stability of the total range of the frequency spectrum.

The PS1000 also utilizes a newly re-configured voice coil and diaphragm design, resulting in unsurpassed speed and accuracy response. The cushion design creates the correct balance between the driver and hybrid housing to give the resulting musicality desired. The cushion design also makes the PS1000 one of the most comfortable to wear headphones in the world. Grado has taken all their knowledge and years of experience in controlling resonances and eliminating distortions and this has culminated in the development of their finest headphone ever, the PS1000.

The manufacture of the PS1000 housing is a complicated and proprietary process that results in a sonic signature and voicing that is the Grado hallmark. An important step in this process is the metal housing being stressed and then cured resulting in a unique aesthetic finish. As with all Grado products the most important aspect is the sound. If you are interested in owning the finest headphone Grado has ever produced then the PS1000 is the choice that will satisfy the most critical music lovers.

.:: PS1000 Feature Highlights
- Vented diaphragm
- Hybrid air chamber
- UHPLC copper voice coil wire
- UHPLC copper connecting cord

.:: Specifications
Tranducer type: Dynamic
Operating principle: Open air
Frequency Response: 5Hz - 50kHz
SPL 1mW: 98
Normal Impedance: 32ohms
Driver matched db: .05

.:: Reviews

"Brilliant resolution; cohesive; rhythmic; strong dynamics; impressive bass insight. The PS1000s are undoubtedly one of the finest headphones money can buy."
- What HiFi/ England

"...we think the PS1000 is the best-looking and best-sounding headphone we've tested from the company. That also makes it one of the best pair of headphones we've ever heard."
- Steve Guttenberg/CNET

"Built to last and a masterpiece of engineering, they are the first conventional driver headphones to outperform Stax electrostats across the board. What an accomplishment!"
- Positive Feedback Online / Robert H. Levi

"The Grado model PS-1000 is like a statistical anomaly that comes up once in a great while, like a great ballplayer that comes along once in a generation or two. The PS-1000 retrieves all the data sent it, with delicacy, or power (as the music demands), without smearing or masking. I think they are the Willie Mays, Derek Jeter or Peyton Manning of Grado headphones."
- Positive Feedback Online / Max Dudious

"These heddphones have a sound quality that will make full size speakers weep with jealousy."

"What impressed us with the PS1000 was that the tone of the instruments (piano, violin and cello) was clearly very accurate right from the first note, which means that the headphone's contribution was unusually small."
- Techradar Issue 329 / Richard Black

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