Denon turntables

DENON has a rich lineage in engineering some of the best turntables for broadcasting, recording studios, and for high fidelity listening at home. With joint R&D with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), DENON developed and manufactured turntables and cartridge tape-recorders for NHK and other broadcast stations beginning in 1939. This joint undertaking led to the introduction of revered products some still in production today such as the DENON DL-102 and DL-103 and many broadcast and recording studio turntables. Since then DENON has produced a legacy of excellent high fidelity turntables such as the revolutionary DP-5000, DP-6000 and DP-47F direct drive turntables - leading edge products of their time. DENON's existing turntables reflect the needs of today's sensible turntable users seeking to recapture and produce the best sound of their treasured LPs and records.