VPI Scout 1.1 turntable

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VPI Scout 1.1 turntable

VPI Scout 1.1 turntable

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Re-introducing the Best Selling VPI Table of All-Time...the Scout 1.1 Turntable is better than the former, better than it should be for this price!!!

Over 10 years in production, the VPI Scout turntable is a Stereophile Class B Recommended Component, The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award Winner, Hi-Fi Product of the Year and Much More! It is the best reviewed turntable.

The biggest improvement over the original Scout is the new 9 1/2lb platter, composed of 7/8" thick aluminum, with damping material in the inside and fitted with a special Mesh Mat for improved isolation, tranquility and better resolution.

The Scout's chassis is made from 1 1/8" thick MDF bonded to a 12 gauge steel plate giving a rigid, non-resonant plinth for improved stability and damping. The massive platter is composed of 1 3/8" thick acrylic and is mounted to an inverted bearing of Teflon and brass on a 60 case hardened rod. The AC synchronous motor is cocooned in a separate steel housing and drives the platter via a special belt. Speeds are 33.3 and 45 RPM standard, 78 is optional. This combination results in tranquil and stable rotational accuracy.

The JMW 9T tapered tonearm is the perfect complement to the Scout. It offers all of the advantages of a unipivot tonearm. The arm has a low friction bearing mounted on a solid stainless steel rod with markings to set VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). The tonearm assembly of the JMW-9T can be removed and replaced in seconds, allowing instant cartridge changes with multiple arm wands - a feature shared with the As with the more expensive JMW-10 and JMW-12 arms. Eschewing esoteric connectors, a RCA junction box is used thus allowing any RCA-terminated interconnects to be used.

Scout 1.1 turntable features:
- 9 1/2lb damped aluminum platter
- 1 1/8" thick MDF bonded steel chassis
- JMW 9T tapered unipivot tonearm
- Speed: 33.3 and 45 RPM standard, 78 RPM optional
- Best sound quality built in and comes standard


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