Quicksilver Mini-Mite Mono Amplifier (one pair)

Quicksilver Mini-Mite Mono Amplifier (one pair)

Quicksilver Mini-Mite Mono Amplifier (one pair)

Discontinued, no longer available. See Related Products for alternatives.
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The Mini-Mite exemplifies Quicksilver's design philosophy: simplicity, musicality, reliability and affordability. Matched pairs of EL34, KT90, KT88, KT77, KT66, 6550 or 6L6 output tubes can be used with no adjustments, and the output tubes are self-biasing. The power supply has over 100 joules of storage and the power cord now has an IEC connector. The Mini-Mites provide the famous Quicksilver midrange in a lower power package.

Quicksilver Mini-Mite Mono Amplifier Specifications
- Power output: 25 watts into 2, 4 or 8 ohms from 20Hz - 20kHz
- Power bandwidth: 13Hz - 50kHz
- Peak power: 50 watts
- Input sensitivity: 1 volt
- Input impedance: 100k ohms
- Tube complement: 1-12AX7 input and 2-EL34 output tubes
- Chassis: Carbide black capacitor
- Dimensions: 5.5"h x 11"d x 8"w
- Weight: 20 lbs.each, 22 lbs. shipping weight
- Warranty: 3 years parts and labor, tubes 90 days

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