LP Gear Zero™ Reference Level

LP Gear Zero™ Reference Level

LP Gear Zero™ Reference Level


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With the Reference Level, LP Gear now offers a spirit level of uncompromising precision and elegance. It is for the individual who aspires for the best. Devised with the assistance of a leading European manufacturer, the LP Gear Reference level is a true spirit level. Each vial is individually set on a milled circular black anodized aluminum alloy case and meticulously calibrated. Each has a maximum angle error of only 0.15 degree. The vial itself has a sensitivity of 35 minutes which means that an angle change of 0.58 degree will move the bubble by 2mm. There is no variation of sensitivity with temperature though the size of the bubble will change. As long as the user sets the bubble central to the black circle, the accuracy will remain the same.

The LP Gear Reference Level is ideal for setting-up and leveling turntables, electronic components (CD and DVD players, speakers, etc.), shelves, tables and other support equipment. It also comes drilled to fit over a turntable spindle.

This precision reference instrument comes in a black velor pouch within a sturdy polygon hinged lid protective case to allow a lifetime of use.

LP Gear Zero Reference Level Specifications
- Diameter: 31.0mm
- Spindle hole: 7.5mm
- Tolerances: +/- 0.25mm
- Weight: 62 - 63 grams

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