Grado GS1000i (GS 1000i GS1000i) Headphones - For US sale only

Grado GS1000i (GS 1000i GS1000i) Headphones - For US sale only

"Great Musical Phones. Best of all Grados (even PS1000s)." 1

Grado's vented "open-air" design for spacious balanced sound and tuneful bass response
Drivers matched within .05dB for exquisite fidelity
Hand-matched select mahogany cured for optimal tonal quality
G-cushion design creates private studio to cocoon ears with music and feeling
8-conductor cable design for superb musical flow and spacious soundstage
Hand-built in Brooklyn, NY for pure Grado sound (frequency response: 8-35,000 Hz)


Grado GS1000i (GS 1000i GS1000i) Headphones - For US sale only

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Your last chance to own this classoc headphones.
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Grado GS1000i (GS 1000i GS1000i) HEADPHONES
- Quite possibily the finest Grado headphones.

All Grado headphones past and present are impressive performers. Even amongst them however, the GS1000i stands out despite the passage of time. Just like the Rogers LS3/5a, Quad ESL, and Spendor BC-1 speakers, despite more advanced iterations, certain models just endure, persist and become more desirable over time.

Grado handcrafts these gorgeous mahogany icons to recreate all the music and emotions your favorite artists recorded. Air, nuance and detail, often masked by lesser headphones are expressed with clarity — creating delightful aha moments. Their large wooden earcups allow them to cradle and cocoon the ears and deliver dynamic impact with low distorton and coloration from a foundational bass that is visceral.

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