Graham Slee Gram Amp 1 phono preamp - View Details

Graham Slee Gram Amp 1 phono preamp - View Details

Graham Slee Gram Amp 1 phono preamp - View Details

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From the unfolding of the first note, we listened and knew that that the Gram Amp 1 is an extraordinary phono preamp. It will open your ears to how good your records could really sound like. For this reason, Graham Slee named the Gram Amp1, the Bridge.

Ever since its introduction in the year 2000, the Gram Amp 1 has delighted many music lovers. The first of a long list of positive reviews for Graham Slee Phono Stages, Patrick Fraser wrote in January 2001's Gramophone "... the emotion and musicality on offer is deeply involving."

It has picked up accolades even when compared with those costing much more. For example, What Hi-FI? magazine concluded "...the Gram Amp 1 offers even better sound quality, and is where our money would go" (April 2001).

Some would have given up on making a $200 phono preamp, especially considering the European Union RoHS and WEEE directives. Graham Slee persevered to bring you this latest version of the Gram Amp 1 with its brand new stylish black anodized aluminium case. For Graham Slee, bringing the pleasure of good vinyl listening to more people makes it worth the effort.

The Gram Amp 1 Bridge differs only slightly from the original 2000 design. There is a bigger plug top adaptor. In common with all Graham Slee designs, there is further voltage regulation inside the Gram Amp 1.As part of that voltage regulation the supply stability is gain matched to the lowest operating frequency of the stage allowing it to give a bass performance few other phono sections can offer at any price.

Stereo performance has been improved by choosing capacitors with improved dielectric absorption within our proprietary and very highly accurate RIAA equalization network.

The Gram Amp 1 delivers more realistic performance on both instrumental and voice through Graham Slee's insistence on putting quality where it counts. When you consider that this little phono preamp is hand made and individually tested by engineers in the UK, you'll probably marvel at how the Gram Amp 1 can give you so much for so little.

Gram Amp 1 Bridge Phono Preamp Specifications
- Nominal input sensitivity: 3mV rms
- Maximum input: 63mV rms
- Nominal output: 250mV rms
- Maximum output: 5.3V rms
- Gain: 38.5dB
- Input resistance: 47k ohms
- Input capacitance: 100 pF
- Output will drive: 10k ohms
- Noise: -78 dB CCIR q-pk 20Hz - 20kHz
- Distortion: 0.02%
- RIAA accuracy: 0.5dB
- Frequency response: 12.5Hz - 150kHz
- Channel balance: 0.2dB
- Channel separation: 64dB
- Dimensions (mm): 100"w x 48"h x 76"d
- Mains connection: External power supply (supplied)
- Mains voltage USA: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
- Break-in period: 72 hours (recommended by LP Gear)

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