Phoenix Engineering Falcon PSU Turntable Speed Controller for AC motors 100-240v

Phoenix Engineering Falcon PSU Turntable Speed Controller for AC motors 100-240v

Powers any AC Synchronous motor 5W or less
More powerful than Pro-ject SpeedBox II or Music Hall Cruise Control
Programmable to start in 33 or 45 RPM unlike competitiors' units
Soft Start mode slowly ramps speed to prevent turntable belt "burn out"
Dimensions: 3.565"L x 2.50"W x 1.1875"H. Weight: 4 oz.
Speed Adj: ±1.0 RPM in 0.1 RPM steps Normal Mode
Speed Adj: ±1.0 RPM in 0.01 RPM steps Calibration Mode
Distortion: Less than 0.5%
Min Freq Step: 35µHz
Freq Stability: Crystal Controlled ±100PPM


Phoenix Engineering Falcon PSU Turntable Speed Controller for AC motors 100-240v


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Designed, manufactured and shipped from the USA, the Falcon Power Supply Unit from Phoenix Engineering is a microprocessor controlled digital AC power source, used for accurate speed control of a turntable motor. The Falcon PSU will work with any AC Synchronous motor that requires 5 Watts or less. The output is 115VAC nominal, but can be used with lower voltage turntables by plugging the motor's wall adapter directly into the Falcon output.

The Falcon uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) to create an extremely accurate and clean sine wave that improves motor speed stability, and allows the user to precisely adjust the turntable platter rotational speed. DDS technology allows the Falcon power supply to generate signals with very high resolution, less than 35µHz steps. During Normal Operation, the user can alter the speed in 0.1 RPM steps; this is used primarily for "tempo" control. The Falcon also has a frequency calibration mode to precisely adjust the output for each speed in 0.01 RPM steps — ten times (10x) finer than the Music Hall Cruise Control or Pro-Ject Speed Box II.

The Falcon has a serial input for use with the optional RoadRunner digital turntable tachometer (sold separately). The RoadRunner tachometer (sold separately) precisely measures the rotational speed of the turntable platter to 3 decimal places and provides the speed information to the power supply via a 3 wire serial cable. When connected to a RoadRunner tachometer (sold separately), the Falcon power supply automatically synchronizes its output frequency to maintain a constant speed on the turntable, within ±0.005 RPM. No user setup or intervention is needed; just plug the cable in between the tachometer and the power supply, and the Falcon immediately locks to the correct speed, even if speed offsets are selected, such as 33.4 RPM.

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