Epos ELS-3 Mini Monitor speakers - Black (not in photo)

Epos ELS-3 Mini Monitor speakers - Black (not in photo)

"Its overall performance was so startlingly good that, when playing favorite recordings, I would keep tricking myself into thinking I was listening to a larger, more expensive speaker."1

Recipient of The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Award2
Superior midbass definition and realism on a wide range of program material
High-level dynamic bloom beyond a speaker of its size
Level of detail resolution normally associated with speakers near $1000/pair3


Epos ELS-3 Mini Monitor speakers - Black (not in photo)

Code: ELS003

Product Info

- Two-way Mini Monitor with performance level that has to be heard to be believed.

The ELS-3 mini monitor maintains the high standards expected of any product bearing the Epos name but now at a lower cost. Designed not only for high performance two channel operation, these competitively priced Epos speakers will further satisfy a requirement in the home video market, ensuring there is no need to compromise the audio quality in the name of home entertainment.

Utilising a two-way bass reflex design, the ELS3 incorporates a 130mm woofer with injection moulded polypropylene cone with dust cap and rubber rolled surround on a heavy die-cast aluminium chassis. It has a dual magnet and shielding can, further enhancing its use in a home theatre application. The 25mm aluminium dome neodymium tweeter is an entirely new Epos design and features the Epos logo directly moulded onto the faceplate. In true Epos style, the ELS3 has a minimalistic crossover.

Epos ELS3 Specifications
- Frequency response: 65 — 20,000 Hz
- Configuration: 2 way
- Power handling: 100 W max. speech and music
- Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal
- Sensitivity: 87 dB/ 2.83 V/ 1 m
- Amplifier compatability: 25 — 100 Watts
- Positioning: Not less than 20 cm (8") from rear wall
- Finish: Black oak
- Cabinet: 18mm MDF wrap and front baffle
- Size H×W×D - mm/ins: 175 × 270 × 195 (6.9 × 10.6 × 7.7 inches)
- Packaged: One pair per carton
- Weight: 4.5 kg each

Note: Specifications provided for reference only.

Footnote 1: See full Stereophile review by Robert Reina at Epos ELS-3 loudspeaker.
Footnote 2: Reviewed by Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, Issue 145. Awarded in Issue 157 - December 2005.
Footnote 3: Reina, op cot.

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