Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB turntable

Code: ATLP240USB
Discontinued, no longer available. See Related Products for alternatives.

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The AT-LP120-USB is considered the best DJ turntable of its class. Audio-Technica's goal with the AT-PL240 turntable is to deliver the best sound quality. This they achieved via a special direct-drive motor that delivers exceptional rotational accuracy, precision speed stability and low resonance; dampened platter, plinth and feet for minimal resonance; and a new high-quality S-shaped tonearm of very tight tolerance. In addition, the AT-LP240 is provisioned with a detachable audio cable thus allowing its optional replacement.

The turntable's USB output allows direct connection to a computer without any special drivers, making it easy to transfer records to digital music files that can be played back on a portable audio device.

The Audio-Technica ATLP240USB plays back 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. Its built-in phono preamp enables the turntable to be connected to a wide variety of music and home entertainment systems, powered speakers, and to A/V receivers that do not include a dedicated phono preamp input. The turntable includes PC and Mac compatible Audacity® software that converts the audio on a record to MP3, WAV or other format digital audio files.

- USB output - no special drivers required for direct connection to your computer
- Direct drive high-torque multi-pole motor
- Selectable 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM speeds
- Selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier
- Very high quality S-shaped tone arm assembly with Adjustable counterweight
- Anti-skate adjustment
- Tonearm height adjustment and lock
- Tonearm lift with hydraulic action and lift lever
- Tonearm rest with locking mechanism
- Stroboscopic platter and speed accuracy indicator
- Damped cast aluminum record platter with slip mat
- Start/stop button
- Removable stylus target light
- 45-RPM adapter
- Adjustable feet for leveling
- Removable dust cover
- Dedicated ground lug for tone arm grounding

Audio-Technica ATLP240USB Turntable Specifications
- Drive method: Direct drive
- Type: 3-speed, fully manual operation
- Motor: 16-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC
- Speeds: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM
- Turntable platter: 332 mm dia. die-cast aluminum
- Starting torque: >4.5
- Braking system: Electronic
- Wow and flutter: <0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 RPM
- Signal-to-noise ratio: >55dB (DIN-B)
- Output level pre-amp: phono 2.5 mV nominal @ 1kHz,5cm/sec (HP-4005); line: 150 mV nominal @ kHz,5 cm/sec (HP-4005)
- RIAA: 20-20kHz, +1/-3dB (1.5mV 1kHz)
- USB function: A/D, D/A - 16 bit 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz USB selectable
- Computer interface: USB 1.1 compliant Windows XP or above or MAC OSX or above
- Tonearm type: Very high quality, Static balanced S-shaped tone arm with detachable headshell
- Effective arm length: 230 mm
- Overhang: 15 mm
- Height of tonearm adjustment range: 0-6 mm
- Tracking error angle: <3 °
- Power supply requirements: 120V AC, 60 Hz
- Power consumption: 11W
- Dimensions: 17.72"w x 13.90"d x 6.56"h
- Weight: 12.2kg (26.9 lbs.)
- Accessories included: Platter felt mat, dust cover, platter, 45 RPM adapter, counterweight, headshell, power cord, USB cable, dual RCA (female) to 1/8 inch mini plug (male) stereo adapter cable, dual RCA (female) to 1/8 inch mini plug (female) stereo adapter cable, dual RCA (male) cable with integrated ground wire, stylus target light, Audacity software (CD)

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