ADL GT40a USB DAC Audio Interface with phono preamp

ADL GT40a USB DAC Audio Interface with phono preamp

ADL GT40a USB DAC Audio Interface with phono preamp

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The superbly constructed ADL 24-bit, 192KHz GT40a USB DAC with Phono Stage excels and pleasantly suprises. The GT40a harmonizes computer files and analog inputs. Built for enthusiasts seeking to fully enjoy their music collections in their computer hard drives, the GT40 offers very high performance, flexibility, and affordability. Looking to convert your LP's or other analog sources to digital? The GT40 will take you to the venue with every album you archive. The sound quality results are more conspicuously natural, more open and with better clarity and rendition of individual notes and harmonics. A review succinctly summarized the Alpha Design Labs Furutech GT40 as a hell of a good thing.1

The seriously-shielded audiophile-grade GT40a features a low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays and records at 24-bits/192kHz. A likely first for this category, the GT40a includes a built-in low-noise MM / MC phono preamp! Record your favorite vinyl to hard disk via the USB output.

The ADL GT40a features L/R analog outputs, and switchable line or phono inputs with a vivid, captivating sound that is simply unheard of in this category.

The GT40a, wired with ADL's Formula 2 cable of course, offers sound quality that is naturally smooth, accurately complex, detailed and clear - to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24-bits/192kHz files. It also coaxes the best from 16-bit/44.1kHz files and lifts their sound quality to near harmonic impeccability.

Furutech GT40a USB DAC Specifications
- USB & Analog: Playback and Record multimedia audio system
- Connectivity: USB interface, Analog input/output RCA jack
- USB playback resolution : 24bit/96KHz
- USB recording resolution: 96kHz (Max) supports 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kH
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (40Hz: +0.5 dB, 15kHz:-0.5dB)
- SN ratio:-90dB (A-wtd)/Line Output
- Line output level: 5 Vrms
- Line input level: MC 0.4mV/MM 4.0mV/Line 2Vrms
- Headphone output level: 1% THD 1kHz (Max) 94mW(16 ohm), 110mW(32 ohm), 98.6mW(56 ohm), 23mW(300 ohm)
- Power supply: AC Adaptor Rating: Erp step2 compliant, 2Wire AC Input Type, Class II, AC/DC Switching Adaptor output DC 15V/0.8A/12W
- Dimensions (mm): 150(W) x 111(D) x 57(H)
- Weight: 650g Approximately

Alpha Design Labs/Furutech GT40 24/96 USB DAC/Analog Recorder
Furutech GT40 USB DAC
Furutech GT40 USB DAC with Phono Stage
ADL GT40 USB DAC by Furutech

1 Art Dudley, "Listening," Stereophile, Vol.34 No.9 (September 2011): 45-47.

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